Monday, 28 January 2013

Making me Smile

Just a few things from the last few days.

A bunch of pink tulips in the dining room. Inspired by Jo, who had such a good year in 2012 with her floral bargains,  I checked the bargain bucket whilst in the local Co-op on Saturday and found these tulips for £1.29. They are a lovely shade of pink and add a welcome dash of colour.

We had a walk over to a local playground with S on Saturday afternoon. T didn't want to join us but was happy for us to borrow one of his Christmas presents. We had fun seeing how far we could make the foam rockets travel. 

A top passed on to me by my sister-in-law a couple of week ago which I wore for the first time today, I love the blues and greens. Whilst out this morning I found the perfect necklace in a charity shop to wear with it.

And finally the flower shaped cobbler topping on the stew I cooked for the family's evening meal.

I hope there have been lots of things making you smile this weekend too.


  1. Sounds like lots of lovely weekend things. I bought Pink Tulips this weekend too!

  2. gorgeous tulips , my fav....cannot believe you booked the day but forgot the tickets...any consolation i thought the mm dress was rather sad and best left to the photo

  3. We're enjoying hyacinths and orchids at home, since the beginning of the New are just perfect for cheering up dull and cold days :)

  4. Love your necklace and new top. They go really well together. I had a look at the tulips in the supermarket at the weekend but they looked on their last legs - not as nice as yours, so they stayed in the shop!

  5. I have you to make me smile! xxxxx

  6. I love that top ! The necklace goes really well with it. It's great finding jewellery at the charity shops.
    The foam rocket looks fun ! I'm buying tulips today to finish off the lovely bright kitchen.

  7. Yippee! You found some bargain tulips. I can't understand why they reduce some of the flowers when they're still perfect and they still last a long time. I can see that S is determined to make the foam rocket travel a long way, that was generous of T to let you borrow his Christmas present.

  8. Lots of lovely bargains there - tulips, a new top, a new necklace - lovely. The cobbler looks delicious. My mum used to cook cobbler when we were little but I never make it. No idea why - I love it.

    Gillian x

  9. Hehe I got some reduced tulips from the coop too, they lasted a week were only 60 p and looked so pretty xxxxx

  10. The rocket looks fun!
    And how serendipitous to find the necklace that goes so well with the top!

  11. There's nothing quite like fresh flowers to brighten your day - have a great week. x