Thursday, 17 January 2013

More hearts

Here in this part of the South we have, so far, escaped the snow. There were a few flakes falling for a time but it turned to sleet and there is nothing to show for it now.
It is perishingly cold though.
I have sipped a fair few hot drinks today and this latest one I have topped off with a little heart for all the lovely people who stop by and especially those who left such lovely comments on my last post.

Do you like the new tablecloth?
I bought it because I love it and also because I thought it would match the framed Ladybird illustrations we have hanging on the wall in the dining room. 
Anyone for jelly and ice cream?

We have four of these hearts hanging from the hooks on the dresser.
They were made by a very clever crafty friend and were intended for our Christmas tree but as we didn't meet up for present exchanging until last Friday they have been hung on the dresser instead, that way I can say they are there in readiness for St Valentine's day!


  1. I DO like that table cloth - very pretty. I made a heart like that once (I must have found the instructions on the internet somewhere). I like the fact that it's got text on it. xx

  2. What a lovely table cloth your dinningroom sounds a lovely vibrant place to have family meals, with the ladybird book illustrations adorning the walls too.

    Love those hearts aren't they pretty what a clever friend you have.

    Well we are a having few flakes of the snow at the moment but it has been forcast for lots more over the next few days! The girls are excited.

    Thanks for you lovely comment on my blog Lisa. Hope you are all well.

    P x

  3. I love the table cloth, and more hearts, you're all ready for Valentine's Day there in the Jumble and Jelly household.

  4. Cute tablecloth! Love the paper heart, very clever!
    Hope you don't get too much snow tomorrow - they seem to be forecasting it for everywhere so it looks like there's no escape this time!
    Gill xx

  5. No snow yet.... it's due.
    Love the paper hearts .. Jess is learning to make a heart shape on her Lattes in the cafe ready for St Valentine's day !

  6. I like the heart on your hot drink. We've had solid snow since Monday, we've had -13 the last 2 nights and it hasn't got above 0 during the day so it isn't thawing. The roads have been treacherous. I'm sick of it and now more is coming. Not happy.

  7. bet you have snow now lisa....settling here a treat(did i really mean that?) that table cloth! x

  8. We've had loads of snow here, the sledges are out in force! The table cloth looks really cute, as do the hearts - how clever.

  9. Have you still escaped he snow? We have lots here! Your table cloth is brilliant!