Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Festive Countdown Day 2 & 3 and the Weekend

One photo to represent day 2 and 3.
S went to a friend's house after school on Monday so Day 2 had to be something quick and simple. When she came home finding and putting up her pink Christmas tree in her bedroom seemed the most likely thing to fit the bill.
For Day 3 we popped popcorn and then strung it on thread to make garlands. Some were used for decorating the tree and some are destined for the back garden for the birds.

Now for a very condensed version of the weekend.
T doesn't feature in this very much because he was away in London. He and Grandma went and stayed with Auntie D and all three of them went to see War Horse. He said it was very good.
S had her friend L come to tea on Friday and she ended up staying over too. In the morning they asked if they could do a taste test.
I blindfolded the pair of them and gave them little samples of the items below. It was G who dipped the tip of ice cream cones into sweet chilli sauce!

After lunch we took L back home and made our way to a local pub which was holding a craft fair and although it was only small we bought another 3 presents and so a few more things were ticked from the list.
The pub is next door to a park which we haven't been to for a while so it was an ideal place to go and stretch our legs for an hour.

Then come the evening G's god-daughter came round to sit babysit whilst we went to the theatre. 
We went to see the Welsh National Opera's production of Tosca. 
G suggested a while back we should try and get out together a bit more and as I had never been to an opera before we thought not only would a night out be good fun, doing something different would be good too.
I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I was blown away by the power of their voices and how they can be belting out one note and then in a second change to something so much more subtle.
We've booked to go again next year and see La Traviata.

Sunday was another craft fair and another park.
This fair was far less successful but the walk was pretty and we got to see this very friendly robin who quite happily posed for photos.

Someone else quite happily posing!

Love the way this photo makes S look like she has a leaf beard!

Sunday afternoon was when we started our festive countdown with the making of the non edible dough gift tags but we also made something which was hightly edible. Mars bar crispies courtesy of Gillian at Tales from a Happy House and very popular they were too.


  1. You 're always making nice crafty things with your children. They are very lucky!
    Love the photo of the robin. We haven't seen one in our garden at all this year.
    We're going to see War Horse on Christmas Eve. I'm really looking forward to it.
    Enjoy your evenings out together..... we found it really hard to get out when our two were small, but are now enjoying the freedom of middle-age.
    Have a good week in school x

  2. A popcorn garland looks good & taste testing a lot of fun ! I bet there were squeals if laughter.

    How wonderful to go to the opera.
    Will miss you tomorrow xx

  3. Lovely photos, Lisa, espcecially the one of S and her leaf beard! Do you know what I was focusing on in the pic of the marshmallow stuff, ketchup etc? Your dresser with lots of lovely things on and that interesting looking shelf with the bits and bobs. Trust me! xx

  4. What a jam packed weekend. Glad you enjoyed your visit to the opera. Eleanor's been asking to go so I think I'll have to see what's on at some point. Pleased to hear that T enjoyed War Horse too. Such a cute little Christmas tree, the popcorn garlands are a great idea.

  5. Sounds like a great weekend! The popcorn garland is great - so simple but quite effective! I have to agree with Kathy - S and T are so lucky to have a mum like you as you do do so much with them.

  6. I'm so glad you enjoyed the crispy bars - the addition of mini-marshmallows is a good one I suspect! x