Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Festive Countdown Days 7-11

You'd think that now I'm working each afternoon and so have the mornings free I would have more time to do the things that I want to do, like blogging, but getting used to a new routine is proving to be trickier than I thought it would be. Couple that with all the extra demands on time that December brings explains why I have a few days to catch up on.
So it's back to the weekend and on Saturday we put up our tree. 
S decorated it whilst I sat by and tried not be get too twitchy about the overladen branches and the bare patches! There may have been a little rearranging, but only a little.
I love this vintage bauble

We have quite an assortment of decoraions on the tree, some made from felt, some glass, some plastic and a couple of salt dough ones too.

On Sunday we went to the Tudor House museum as they were having a Victorian Christmas event. I'm not sure what the Victorian event was apart from the fact a few members of staff were dressed in Victorian costume. I was expecting some kind of information about Christmas Victorian style as I like finding out how Christmas was celebrated in the past. 

Opposite the Tudor House is St Michael's Church which was built in the 1070's and is the only surviving medieval parish church in Southampton.

One of the current exhibitions inside the Tudor House is a selection of paper dresses and shoes by artist Violese Lunn. They are so delicate and intricate, especially the shoes.

Another work of art, this time one created inside the museum by S, a reindeer made from a wooden spoon. We thought he looked like he had grown an impressive moustache and was perhaps wearing a polo neck?!

Mondays's activity was making paper chains. A nice and calm sitting down activity. They have been hung from the dresser, the food storage cupboard

and the framed Ladybird book pictures making our dining room look very festive.

Tuesday was all about giving to others when we made a donation to the local food bank, not much but hopefully it'll all be useful.

Today should have been another food donation, this time for a local animal charity. There is a collection box for donations at our library and when I went to book club this evening I was supposed to take the items we have bought with me but I forgot, so for now they are sat on our kitchen work top and instead we'll drop them in at the weekend.


  1. Hi Lisa,

    You have some lovely decorations for your tree. I think its a mum tradition to have a little tweak of the Christmas tree once the kids have gone to bed! lol.

    Those paper dresses and shoes are amazing the time and concentration they must of taken.

    Hopefully you will settle in to your routine. Change always takes time to settle.

    Love the colour of your cupboard a really lovely red/pink hue. Just gorgeous with the paper chains.

    Hope the rest of your festive plans are going well.

    P x

  2. I love those gorgeous costumes. You are having a lovely festive time. That memory thing will happen more and more!!! xxxx

  3. Well helloooooo lovely lady!
    Sorry to get back to you so late, I've tried to have a catch up with your blog, but I've been absent for so long that it seems quite impossible :(
    I hope everybody is fine at the J&J household!
    Putting up the three is always like having a trip down the memory lane, isn't it?! Enjoy the run up to Xmas!
    Michela xxxx

  4. I think you've started your new job at the busiest time of year, lots going on in school and lots at home too, so once the new year comes I'm sure everything, including your new routine, will settle down. What a fantastic exhibition, those dresses must have taken hours to make, they're fabulous.

  5. Hi Lisa, yes making paper chains is very therapeutic and they look great. I love that pink cupboard too. xx

  6. I went to the 'first cut' exhibition in Sea City today. Its on until Jan, was only 3.50, worth every penny, especially the Huge Rob Ryan papercut x

  7. You'll have to take me to some of these lovely places you visit in Southampton one day - the paper dress is stunning.
    What a happy reindeer x

  8. Wow you have been busy Lisa! So many posts since my last visit. I love the paper dresses and shoes and the reindeer spoon! Good on you for the donations to the food bank. x