Monday, 16 December 2013

Festive Countdown Days 12-16

We've been busy with paper in one form or another during our festive countdown these past few days.
 Day 12 was folding and sticking together an incredibly cute gingerbread house. 
Much tidier and far less sticky than using biscuits and icing sugar as we've done in the past

Friday night was a game of roll a snowman
The different pieces took minutes to cut out and have now been stashed away ready for when excitement levels are heightened and a quietening down activity made be needed.

On Saturday I wrapped presents for one of friends and her 2 boys. I am really pleased with their gifts.
Back in the summer I was in TK Maxx when I spotted this milkshake tin which has my friend's name on it. I knew that Superdrug did a range of strawberries and milkshake toiletries and waited until they were on special offer so I was able to buy her a hand cream, shower gel and lip balm for £5.00 which all fit very neatly inside the tin. I was quite happy with the gift as it was but then when in Primark a little while ago looking for to buy myself new socks I saw these milkshake ones which were just perfect.

Last year I gave her boys a Christmas movie, popcorn and a cola reindeer and this year they both have a t-shirt and some sweets with silly poems attached.
First off is a box of tic tacs relabelled as Snowman Seeds on the front and on the back it says 'OK, you can't really sow them, but 'plant' one on your tongue and if they make you grow a smile then their Christmas job is done.'
The cellophane bag contains chocolate raisins and the rhyme on the tag reads
'I woke up with such a scare when I heard Santa call- dash away, dash away, dash away all!
I ran to the lawn and in the snowy white drifts those cheeky reindeer had left 'little gifts!'
To throw them away seemed such a waste
So I saved them thinking you may like a taste!'
I hope they make them giggle.

Saturday was also the day S made Christmas cards for our family when she got busy with paper, glue and stamps.

We didn't use any paper for our activity for Sunday but we did use ice cream cones. I found this idea on Pinterest and the original used those lovely waffle sugar cones but when I went to the supermarket they didn't have any. So we just used the normal wafery sort and after I had coated them in green icing S decorated them with sprinkles, chocolate shapes, silver balls and holly leaves.
They are incredibly sweet to eat but S loved making them and we thought our little forest of trees looked very sweet too.

Today was S's school Christmas play and with a busy day in store for all I decided taking in presents for the teaching and office staff was probably the best idea for our Monday activity.


  1. You have such wonderful ideas Lisa; roll a snowman !
    The iced cones make super pretty Christmas trees x

  2. Some lovely inventive presents. I have seen white tic tacs marketed as 'snowman poo' but I think I prefer snowman seeds! I love the ice cream cone forest - it would make a lovely table centrepiece. x

  3. Blimey, Lisa, you have been busy - my poor little sloth like head is all of a spin! Mmm, those Xmas trees look very yummy. xx

  4. You're so creative with your ideas, you put me to shame. What fab pressies and I love the forest and S's cards.

  5. You've been so busy. That milkshake themed gift for your friend is inspired - you are the queen of finding fun presents on a budget, you really are! The trick is planning it months in advance rather than leaving it till one week before, I suspect. Love the ice cream cone trees, too. x

  6. You are having a lovely Christmas time xxxxxxx

  7. Love the snowman seed! I may need to get some in!

  8. I'm impressed at your cleverly themes presents and ideas! The trees look so fun too! Christmas must be so fun in your home!! X

  9. You did have a busy countdown to Christmas Lisa but it sounds such fun, I hope you've had a great day today x