Tuesday, 18 November 2014

A Very Cherry Christmas

This is the first of a couple of gift ideas I wanted to share with you as you know I like a bit of a theme when it comes to gift giving.
This may be too early a post for some who refuse to start thinking about Christmas until the beginning of December but equally it may help prompt some ideas for others.

As the title of the post suggests it's all items are cherry based.
All of these gifts will be individually wrapped and placed in a gift bag or box for the friend they are intended for and the label will wish her
A Very Cherry Christmas. 
I also plan to sketch of a pair of cherries on the tag and make them nice and sparkly with a healthy dose of green and red glitter.

First item is Carmex Cherry lip balm. Mine came from Superdrug.

Also from Superdrug is a bottle of Cherry and Almond bath creme and a tub of cherry and macademia body butter.

Cherry and strawberry patterned socks from Store 21. The present would work equally as well with all of these items in a strawberry 'flavour' and the gift labelled as A Very Berry Christmas should cherries not float your boat.

Cherry and Vanilla Yankee candle from Tesco.

A small bottle of tangy cherry hand gel from Primark. The friend this gift was bought for is never without a bottle of hand gel in her handbag so this isn't as strange an item to include as you may think!

She is a cider drinker so a bottle of cherry cider will be welcome. Mine was bought from Sainsburys.

Lastly a bag of jelly cherry sweets purchased from Wilkinsons.

Maybe a few of these items popped into a gift bag with the addition of a pretty glittery cherry label could make a good Secret Santa gift too, just a thought.


  1. A very good idea Lisa. I have done something similar in the past and it is always appreciated by the recipients. If anyone is going with the Strawberry idea Morrisons do a similar bag of sweets called 'Giant Strawberries' not the Haribo ones as my son would tell you has to be the Morrisons own Giant Strawbs. They were the one thing he always requested when he called from Afghanistan. Not tried them myself did put a bag in my giveaways earlier in the year and Kate at Just Pootling and Jo at Through the Keyhole informed me they were delicious. I will be buying him some for his stocking this year:-) at which point he will probably tell me having eaten so many whilst he was away that he's gone off them....

  2. A great idea. You're queen of themed gifts.

  3. Yay! The themed gifts are back! And this one is really lovely. Lucky friend! And crafters could always crochet a pair of cherries or make a strawberry pincushion to add a sort of home made touch...

  4. I always love your themed presents, Lisa - you really are so clever. Just brilliant! x PS You were up early this morning - it was lovely to wake up to so many blog comments from you!

  5. Bravo! How long did it take you to find them all?

  6. This is a great idea!!! I've also got a nice cherry-brooch (and earrings) so they might also be good ideas!!! You are very clever!! x

  7. It's a really fun idea, I like it a lot. Giving things a theme can really focus the mind! x

  8. I love your themed presents Lisa.

  9. I really need to get started on my holiday shopping!