Wednesday, 26 November 2014

I Have Been.......

......Wishing I could have forced myself through the little gap in the back of this snowman so I could have had my photo taken. Probably best I didn't as I wouldn't have looked even half as cute as Little Miss S.

...... On a shopping trip to IKEA with my sister. Wisely we timed our arrival nice and early so we could have a cuppa and a bacon roll before we mooched around the store. Very little was purchased but I was extremely pleased to find a new doormat. Not the most exciting purchase for the home but we had had our previous one for 17 years, it was from PastTimes and had been a wedding present from G's brother. The pattern of three potted geraniums had all but disappeared and I have been on the lookout for a replacement for most of the year. I love the pattern on this one.

......Admiring S's handiwork on her latest Sylvanian t-shirt. Once she had coloured in the little critters she asked if she could draw a heart round them and write on it. Do with it as you please I answered, it's your creation to design and wear. When she had drawn round them she decided it was more of a Christmas bauble shape. I also like the addition of the words Happy Family.

...... Cooking some new meals from a cookbook given to me by my sister which she no longer wanted. So far I have cooked webbed cheese pastamozzarella rosemary chicken thighs and the latest one is ginger chicken. I'm glad to say all were well received.

...... Wearing my new, to me, boots. I have written before about my traffic wardenesque legs and to find a practically brand new pair of boots in a charity shop at the weekend which I could get the zip up on and still feel comfortable was a delight. They were only £3.99  and what made it even lovelier still was when G said he would buy them for me. What a lucky girl.

......Busy on the jigsaw front again. We found this a couple of weeks ago and managed to complete the border fairly easily and then it languished for a week or so before we found the time to go back to it. This was a treat to do, interesting to look at all the names which have disappeared along with the ones still around on our supermarket shelves today.


  1. S looks very cute as a snowman and I love her Sylvanian creation. Those boots were a great find, I have the same problem with my calves so I don't even bother looking for long boots, I stick with ankle boots. That jigsaw looks like fun, there's a few names there that are long gone.

  2. The boots are great. I have traffic wardenesque legs too! I wonder why there aren't more boots for the chunkier calf?!!! Well done to S for her t-shirt design. x

  3. The boots were a bargain and very nice too! x

  4. Love the Snowman! My calves are uber thick so I have to buy from specialist stores and wear the boots til they disintegrate so well done on finding a pair in the charity shop!

  5. Excellent bargain on the boots! I love to do some jigsawing at this time of year, it's such a cosy activity. I would enjoy that one too. x

  6. Still giggling at your description of your legs, Lisa - brilliant! Fab boots and great picture of S, too - she's growing up so fast! x

  7. Ah, what a good bargain are those boots! Not surprised you are so chuffed! I'd be too!
    I really like her drawing, she's pretty good!!x