Thursday, 6 November 2014


As well as being preoccupied with leaving one job and starting another and all the other things which were happening which kept me away from blogging we were busy doing some fun things too.
One Sunday me, G and S went for a little explore in a copse we have driven past umpteen times but never investigated.
We were delighted to find an oversized chair

and table. G is 6ft 5'' so that should give some idea of how big these two items of furniture are.

When I was little this whole area was trees and fields but has since been built on with a relatively new housing estate, it must be handy if you live there now having this copse on your doorstep. A green space to go and stretch your legs in and do a spot of squirrel spotting, we saw loads of them scampering around.

This is just one of the jigsaws we've completed recently. On the days when getting outside isn't an option a jigsaw is a good indoor activity.

Not an activity but an event from September, my nephew's 21st birthday. 
What to buy was a mystery. 
Pinterest provided the solution.
I bought a black umbrella from the local 99p shop and packaged up £1 and £2 coins totalling £21 in pieces of paper and attached them to the umbrella with lengths of cotton. I then wrote on a tag Save for a Rainy Day. 
He was a bit bemused when I gave him his gift but pretty pleased with it once the penny dropped.

S and I have been to our first ballet performance, we went to see Coppelia.
It was billed as the ideal family introduction to ballet and it was indeed perfect. The ballet is in three acts and during each intermission we discussed what had been happening in the story. It took a lot of concentrating for S and I think her attention would have wandered with anything more in depth. The costumes were beautiful and the grace and elegance, not to mention strength, of the dancers made it a spectacular experience.
We had booked the tickets months ago and originally we planned it would be me, G and S who would be going. 
G didn't join us in the end because he took T to Norwich instead.
The end of October is his brother L's birthday.
T, G, L's adopted mum and T's birth siblings met up at the crematorium as they wanted to take L some flowers. T had been wrought with anxiety about the visit for a couple of weeks beforehand but G described the day as being filled with a few tears and lots of laughter as everyone supported each other.

Last week being half term meant it was time for our annual trip to the country park for their Halloween trail. T didn't join us this year as he has been volunteering in a charity shop on a Sunday afternoon for the past few weeks and he offered to do extra shifts whilst he was off. S bought a friend along with her and neither of them liked the huge spider hiding in one of the trees!


  1. Love the table and chairs! I'm glad To and the other family members got together for L's birthday. Difficult times for a young man to go through but I am sure the support of his family helps.

  2. What a lovely post.Years ago, my mum took all the grandchildren to the ballet - The Nutcracker - magical; glad you enjoyed your outing.

    Wonderful to have a copse still there with all the building around. I wonder what inspired the huge table & chair ?!

    Good that T was able to place flowers on his brother's grave. x

  3. Do you know, I've never seen Coppelia even though I've played the orchestral music a few times. I have no idea of the story! I hope that T is ok, it is good they could get together. Your umbrella idea is great!!!! X

  4. So glad the day in NOrwich went better than T expected. And the ballet sounds fab! x

  5. I can see why you've been away from blogging for a while, you just haven't had time with everything you've had going on. The oversized furniture in the copse is fun. Glad that S enjoyed the ballet, and that T's visit to Norwich went well. I am so going to remember that brolly idea and pinch it for Daniel's 21st, I'm always stuck for presents for him.

  6. The oversized furniture is great! I am only about 5ft 2 so it would swallow me up! The umbrella and coin idea is so inventive - good old pinterest! Never been to a ballet, something I should try and do one day. x

  7. G looks so funny in that chair! I love the ballet. Becky had a book that had all the story outlines (Dorling Kindersly books) It made the ballet more enjoyable - although I could just go for the costumes! xx