Tuesday, 11 November 2014

I Have .......

.......... finished this month's book club selection in record time ahead of our next meet up. I found the storyline of Tideline quite disturbing and it made for a very uncomfortable read which is why I wanted to get it read and out the way. 
Saying that it was a good book and I'm sure will provoke much chatter for our group.

........... been in love with Marilyn Monroe since I was a young teenager and have watched many of her films and read stacks of books about her life and untimely death. Earlier this year G and I watched My Week with Marilyn and I have just started to read the book the movie was based on, a birthday gift back in July from G.

.......... received a parcel in the post this week from a fellow blogger. I bought a beautiful crocheted poppy from Mitzi who has been busily working away and raised a fantastic amount of money for the Royal British Legion.

.......... watched something I originally recorded from the TV in September 2013. Quite why it took us so long to watch The Wipers Times I'm not sure. If you didn't see it and it gets repeated then try and watch it, you won't be disappointed. An added bonus for me is that one of the leading actors was Julian Rhind-Tutt, swoon.

.......... been enjoying wearing my new (to me) red shoes. A local church held an autumn fayre a couple of weekends ago and I paid £2.00 for these. I have since found something very similar on line for £45.00 so I'm pleased with that bargain.
 And they are very comfy.

.......... picked up the latest free magazine from the Co-op and decided we need to try the chocolate mince pies. I'm not a huge fan of mince pies but surely with the addition of chocolate these have got to be a winner?


  1. I've just looked up Tideline on Amazon, it sounds very dark but it's got some good reviews. I'm not sure it would be my cup of tea though. Your shoes were a great bargain, they look lovely and comfy. I love red shoes. I'm so pleased that Mitzi did well with her poppies, such a great cause.

  2. Not heard of this book will have to go and have a browse on Amazon. Lots of other lovely things have come your way this week. So glad the Poppy arrived safe and sound.

  3. Glad to hear somebody else takes as long as me to get around to watching recorded programmes! The book is one that I've had on my Kindle for ages, and not got around to reading - possibly as long as your TV recording!!

  4. That book sounds fascinating, very dark and interesting. Well done on those shoes, you always do find the best bargains. I have to say I love the humble mince pie just as it is. x

  5. Just bought Sue Monk Kidd's third book, The invention of wings, as I loved The Secret Life of Bees.
    I've cut out wheat so looking for gluten free mince pies this year !