Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Better Late Than Never

Look away now if you don't want to read about Christmas presents.
You see this post really should have appeared in December but the photos were on my old lap top.
I thought I would share even at this late, or extremely early depending on how you see it, stage as it may be useful to someone somewhere.
All gifts were placed inside this tin.
It doesn't have to be a tin, it could be a gift bag, but I had a conversation with said friend the Christmas before about our mutual love of Christmas tins and so that's why I chose it.

Inside the tin were a pair of white cute and cosy socks

a white chocolate face mask

a white and silver packaged box of smellies

a white fig and patchouli candle

and finally a packet of white chocolate jazzies.

Inside the tin I placed a piece of paper saying 'May All Your Christmases Be White'
After opening this gift I then gave my friend another gift. This was a bottle of red wine with a tag attached which she could read once unwrapped saying 'and if the white runs out, drink the red!'
The present was the result of seeing a quote on Pinterest which can be seen here  on my Christmas board.

Of course the gift could have been one bottle of white and one bottle of red but I felt this selection of goodies was better suited to our friend.
I only came up with this idea late in 2014 but was pleased with the things I found and am hoping to find more during the course of this year and using this idea for another couple of friends come Christmas 2015.


  1. Brilliant idea! I saw that white/red wine thing floating around on the internet over christmas too and thought it was quite good!

  2. It's a great idea, I love it. I might just adapt it for one of my friends next Christmas.

  3. Another fabulous themed gift, Lisa. And you've made me really crave Jazzies now ...!

  4. What a cool idea!!! I love it x

  5. Fabulous.....I really want those jazzies now!!

  6. Hi,thanks for sharing this idea it's briiliant,love the theme and that tin is so pretty.I try to do something different for wrapping,like fabric bags or cello wrap.The tin idea though is so good will remember that one.Happy 2015.x

  7. This was such a thoughtful gift Lisa and a great idea too! The tin made it extra special. x

  8. You really do come up with excellent present ideas!