Sunday, 18 January 2015

Delayed By An Hour

We set out for the train station on Saturday morning and a few minutes later we were back home because our train had been cancelled.
S took the opportunity to do some homework whilst I made use of the time by cleaning the bathroom.
How exciting.
An hour later than planned we did catch the train.
Our destination was Cosham.
Up until 18 months ago I used to travel there 3 times a week to go to work.
I would get off the train, walk a few hundreds yards to the office, work my allotted hours, go back to the station and come home again.
It needed further exploration.
As we were setting off an hour later than planned we changed our plans and decided lunch was first on the agenda.
The pub we went to was ok. It had obviously had a makeover a little while back and was starting to look a bit tired, but I did like the arrangement of these mirrors on the wall opposite us.

Now I knew Cosham was charity shop rich but I didn't know what else it had to offer. A quick google search showed it had a church, St. Philip's, designed by famous architect Ninian Comper, who I must admit I had never heard of. We found the church easily enough, but we couldn't get a look inside and I have to say it was pretty nondescript from the outside.

The online map  we found showing us the location of the church also showed something labelled as Hilsea Moat just a little further along the road so we went to investigate this afterwards. It turns out this is part of what is known as the Hilsea Lines. We found an information board which had details of a couple of trails which can be followed to explore the site further. Everything was pretty muddy and this part of it fairly bleak looking too. So after G and S had walked across the little wooden bridge, we decided the best course of action was a return visit in nicer weather armed with proper information about the trails we would want to walk. 

It was then time to hit the shops and the very first charity shop we walked past had this chair for sale in the window for £5.00. When we invite people over there aren't enough chairs and we liked the look of this one to serve as a spare.

I mentioned my present swap with Jo recently and one of the gifts she gave me was a bar of Green and Black's dark chocolate. This was put to good use today when I made Jamie Oliver's hot chocolate mix. This is something I had on my puttery treat list. It certainly warmed up a cold January afternoon, especially with the hot waffle to accompany it.


  1. I DO like your crochet blanketed sofa!
    Shame about the train but at least you are close to the station. x

  2. I like the chair are you going to do anything to it

  3. Cosham sounds very interesting. I love travelling by train - it makes it feel like a proper day out xx

  4. I love the idea of going to explore the place you used to work in now you don't work there! Because there is never enough time when you are working to look about you and smell the roses.

  5. There's usually interesting things to see or do if only we take the time to explore a place properly. I like the chair, that was a great find. The hot chocolate sounds yummy, the bar of chocolate came in useful.

  6. Dark chocolate, hot chocolate, waffles -- yum!