Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Here we go

with 2015.
Let's hope it's a good one for everyone.

I am going to make the sentiment on this bag I purchased at the weekend my mantra for this year.
It's a big bag for life type of shopper from Wilkinsons and I do like the bird design on it too.
In fact I did buy a couple of items from this range for a friend's Christmas present, I find they do very pretty and well priced stationery ranges.

We started the year with a little trip to the cinema. All 4 of us (yes T came along too!) went to see Paddington on New Year's day. It really is a very entertaining movie and I would recommend it to anyone. Angel Gem wrote such a great review of the movie it made me want to see it all the more and it was lovely to go as a family.

On Saturday 3 of us (yes no T this time) took the train to Boscombe. I had found details online of a vintage fair being held, but when we got there it wasn't on. There was a poster advertising the fair, it starts in Feb and is then held every other month. Never mind we had a couple of charity shop finds and G claimed the bargain of the day when he bought a Scorpions album from a vinyl record shop for £4.50 and then found out it sells for over £40.00 online.
Plus we met G's brother for lunch and found a TARDIS. Pretty good going all in all. Apart from the fact it lashed down with rain on our way back to the station.

Whenever the children return to school after a holiday I always cook something I know everyone likes and is also quick to prepare, tired heads can lead to trying mealtimes. Thankfully the chicken wraps, salad and potato wedges were well received and things were nice and relaxed. During the course of us chatting for some reason apples were mentioned which then prompted T to remember something he had seen on FB. He then got busy with said fruit and a knife and his laptop. This is what he was trying to make and this is his (with a bit of help, or possibly hindrance from me) end result. We did laugh.
And that's what makes us happy.


  1. Hmmm, not quite sure your swan looks the same, good try though. What a great result for G with that record, he should pop along to that shop more often. It's great when you can find a bargain like that.

  2. That's not a swan; it's a duck apple!
    Sounds like a good time had by most people. I'm glad you enjoyed Paddington, too!
    And what a hit on the record.... so, go on; did he sell it on?

  3. What a fabulous mantra - I can whole heartedly agree with that one! ANd you can't beat laughing either. Fab post xxx

  4. Bargain!!! The duck is cute!!

  5. Boscombe - I bought my first home in Boscombe and lived there for a few years! Still have the flat, but it's let out now. Happy memories x

  6. Happy New Year! Good effort with the the apple duck creation! x

  7. Hi Lisa Happy New Year to You and Yours.

    I love your badge I could do with one of those that says underneath

    Jack of all trades and a master of none.

    Have a good week.