Tuesday, 27 January 2015

27th January

Today is Chocolate Cake Day. We're going to be marking the occasion with these.
The recipe is one of the ones I had been sorting through on Saturday afternoon and is titled fruit and nut chocolate brownies. As the name suggests chocolate bars of fruit and nut are needed but when I went to the shop yesterday there weren't any to be found. So I used 2 bars of Dairy Milk instead.  Next time I will make them with the fruit and nut so I can say I have baked the actual thing I set out to do, but these are pretty darn delish anyway. There are probably thousands of recipes out there for brownies and probably everyone already has their favourite but this is the one I used should you want to have a go.
Happy Chocolate Cake Day.


  1. What a great excuse to eat chocolate cake, Chocolate Cake Day. I used to make brownies all the time as they're Daniel's favourite but I don't bother now he's away at uni, sob sob. I use a Mary Berry Recipe:-
    It's really easy and it comes out so moist. I also bake chocolate orange brownies and they're delicious:-

  2. Save me a piece! It looks scrummy xxx

  3. Chocolate cake day?! How did I miss that... I'll have to make up for it another day ;)

  4. I've never heard of chocolate cake day - but I like the sound of it!!! x

  5. Funnily enough the Princess DID make a chocolate cake, quite by coincidence! I must tell her she was in the zeitgeist tomorrow!

  6. Jess's chocolate brownies from the Hummingbird recipe book are heavenly !