Monday, 2 February 2015


Not the most exciting weekend to report on, but it did start off with a relaxing lay in followed by a good breakfast.
When I left my previous job all bar £50 or so of my last wage was deducted, in error, by the tax office. It has taken until now to get it sorted and have the money refunded. When pay day arrived I decided to share the joy and buy croissants to take into work Friday morning seeing as it was croissant day. Most were eaten by appreciative colleagues and the  left over ones I took home and we had them for breakfast Saturday morning.

With it being pay day I needed to spend some time doing my monthly finance admin stuff and there was a bit more to do than normal as I needed to set accounts straight after the refund. No month is good to lose money, but a couple of months before Christmas was definitely not helpful, anyway all sorted now.
Next on the agenda was a trip to the local charity shops. Now this is normally something I would enjoy. But a casual mooch around the shops to see what's to be found is a different kettle of fish to the trip we had Saturday afternoon when we had a definite idea of what we were needing to buy.
Next Wednesday children in S's year need to go to school dressed as a king or queen. This half term is all about the British Monarchy and a royal feast with suitably dressed participants is being arranged. I can usually cobble something together for these dress up days from things we have already, or borrow something from my sister and her extensive wardrobe and maybe buy an odd item to finish it off.
But for this costume we have not got one single thing of any use.
After visiting 10 charity shops these are the three items we came home with.
The first thing we bought was the black v neck top. I thought the pearls and beads could lend itself to a Tudor style. Maybe the addition of more pearls or beads? The item of the left is a huge kaftan with gold embroidery down the front. I'm thinking that maybe I can cut this and sew to the bottom of the black top. The pinky red woolly skirt will be the overskirt so the gold embroidery is seen as a panel at the front. I'm not explaining myself very well, but I've got an idea in my head, I just need to translate it into something which can be worn! The three items cost £4.00 in all so it won't be a financial disaster if it doesn't work, but if it doesn't work I'll be well and truly stumped. Fingers crossed.

The remainder of Saturday afternoon was spent helping S finish off her homework. She had to choose a monarch from any point in history and present some interesting facts about them. It was her decision to go with Queen Elizabeth I.

That was pretty much Saturday. Sunday I had to go and do bit of shopping and then do an online grocery shop, pop to my sister for a much needed hair cut and most boring of all do some housework. I try not to do housework at the weekends but this time it was unavoidable.
So by the end of the weekend I must admit I was in a bit of a grump as I didn't feel I'd actually been anywhere or done anything.
Of course this wasn't true, I'd been out and I'd been busy, just not doing anything particularly enjoyable and weekendy. I had checked online and there wasn't really anything going on locally we could go to and I suppose some weekends need to be this way, the everyday stuff needs to be done, I'd just rather it was confined to the weekdays!


  1. I agree. Weekends are not for housework. And you are allowed to be a grump when you have to! I think the things you collected will work well for a Queen - lots of jewels should do the trick! xxxx

  2. January February weekends for us involve a lot of doing nothing, really. And with a 17, 14 and 13 year old (nearly) in the house, there's a lot more homework for them and housework for me than I'd ideally like!
    I'm hoping to see photos of the finished Monarch? (please?)

  3. I know what you mean. When you work all week the last thing you want to do is housework. I've got into a routine of getting all the washing through on a Friday night and a Saturday morning. Get it through the tumble dryer and ironed by Saturday afternoon. In the meanwhile dusting and hoovering and changing of beds. Everything has to be done on a Saturday as Sunday is definitely my chilling out day before the onslaught of the next week.

  4. I think some weekends do turn out like that, it's unavoidable, but I get in a grump too if I don't get out anywhere nice. Glad you managed to pick up some things from the charity shop, I'm sure you'll work your magic and S will look fabulous.

  5. I'm sure you'll manage to make S look like a Queen! x