Tuesday, 3 February 2015


I've been baking again.
This time it was carrot and pineapple cake because today is carrot cake day.
I mean, it must qualify for one of your five a day seeing as it's got a fruit and a vegetable in it.
As you can see the topping was a bit runny but I didn't have time to salvage it as I was off to work shortly afterwards and it needed to be cut and put into a cake tin.
Tastes just fine.

On waking and looking out the window first thing I did wonder if one of the carrots I had bought was going to be needed for a snowman nose.
This is the first snowfall we have seen this winter.
This was how it looked at about 8am.
By 12pm it had all melted.


  1. Oh that cake sounds interesting! Mmmmm, I'll have a slice.x

  2. You've had snow, and we've had sunny days for the last couple of days, it's so nice to see some blue sky for a change. I love carrot cake, it's a while since I made one, I think I shall remedy that soon.

  3. I have NEVER made carrot cake. Cripes, I might be a failure as a homemaker (!) perhaps I should go and make one now.....
    Although perhaps I will just look at yours and enjoy that. I'll make one at the weekend if I remember!

  4. That cake sounds almost healthy! It looks superb! Sorry your snow didn't hang around long enough for you to enjoy it. Ours is showing no sign of going anywhere! It's freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezing here xxxx

  5. Oh that definitely counts as one of your five a day!!x

  6. I love carrot cake but never tried it with pineapple - it looks lush. I love how you are celebrating all these cake days with baking! x

  7. The cake looks delicious! We haven't had enough snow to make a snowman for over a year. The only snow we had recently was just a thin covering and it quickly melted. It has been very cold though and I prefer that to wet and windy! x

  8. Your cake looks delicious, Lisa. The snow, not so much! x

  9. Hi there,I LOVE carrot cake and that looks soooo yummy.Like the snowy pic,take care.x