Thursday, 26 February 2015

Didn't I do Well

I had to pop to Asda yesterday because, shock horror, we had completely run out of Shreddies. This is the breakfast choice of both T and S and so I needed to get to the shops and restock to avoid early morning disappointment.
I sent a text to my sister asking if she needed another picked up whilst I was there and she replied asking if she could join me and if we could make a little detour to the charity shop on the way as she had four carrier bags of donations to drop off.
Never needing much persuasion to visit a charity shop I readily agreed.
And jolly glad I am that I did too.
I came home with some fab finds.
First up is this CK handbag mirror for 10p.
My C sister was looking elsewhere in the shop when I spied this and so she didn't see me buy it which is just as well as it's going into her birthday present bundle.

The charity shop was having a £1.00 sale on clothing in readiness for changing over the stock to Spring and Summer items and I found this tank top. for me. I already have two of these in different colourways and so was pleased to find another.

The blue of this Whittard's blue is actually a really richly dark shade. Two of these were purchased for 50p each. This one for me, the other put away, again for my sister's birthday in October.

I love Paperchase products and am very tempted to keep these for myself.
They were bought for 25p and are destined be one of my sister T's presents in our advent calendar swap in December. If I can part with them that is!

Finally we have another gift for C. She spotted this one. It's an EB Toast and Marmalade storage box. It cost me £1.00 and if she hadn't chosen it for herself it would have come home with me anyway and I would have found a use for it.

I was really pleased with this little selection, just goes to show it's always worth popping in!


  1. Wow, you got some brilliant bargains. I wish I found things like these in my local charity shops.

  2. You did do well. I especially like the blue bowl. x

  3. You did very very well! I've only had books and DVD's recently xxx

  4. I need to come to your charity shops Lisa as we never have such nice things in my local shops! I bet your glad that you run out of shredded wheat now! x

  5. Good haul! I am blown away by the forward thinkingness of buying for a birthday in October!!! (and the hopefulness that this means you have started your Christmas shopping already, because if you have...then I can....

  6. You did BRILLIANTLY!!!!!! Nice items for pressies! So sorry, for some reason you stopped showing up in my blog feed so I didn't see any posts were new!!!x

  7. Wow, amazing finds, Lisa - very impressed with your haul. I had a great charity shopping morning today, too, for the first time for ages. x