Sunday, 22 February 2015

February Half Term

Since starting my new job the weeks have a tendency to whip past at an alarming rate, but this last week definitely went by at a slower pace.
There aren't, for various issues, any photos from the week, so to accompany my round up I have used snaps from old editions of House Beautiful magazine.
My sister was given a stack of them from 2012 which she passed on to me once she had perused the pages.
I flicked through them all but I have to say there was very little which caught my eye. For inspiration I'd much rather have a trawl through Pinterest these days.
There was no chance of a leisurely lay in on the first day off as T had one of his 6 weekly check ups at the orthodontist. Once done there we went to a café for  mid morning cake and coffee before heading home again.
The children busied themselves with friends and movie watching in the afternoon and all was well.
Tuesday morning was sunny and dry and so it was declared perfect for washing the car.
This was something T and S wanted to do.
I have to say it doesn't get done as regularly as it probably should which is probably why it's such a novelty to them.
I went indoors to fill up the bucket with clean water to rinse the car off with and when I went back out they were throwing the damp sponges at each other, shrieking and giggling.
It was lovely to see and hear them larking about together and enjoying each others company.

(I took this photo for the crochet cover and leather sofa)

The weather was going to be good Wednesday so this had been decreed our day trip day and there we had a couple of options.
Then first of all my mum cried off as she had hurt her back and wouldn't be able to come along.
Then during the course of Tuesday evening S mentioned her throat was sore and that she felt cold, although she was very warm to the touch. So we bundled her off to bed with a dose of Calpol and crossed our fingers.
S eventually woke up at 10.45 the next morning. Her temperature had eased but she wasn't feeling great, in fact after initially getting up she went back to bed and slept a bit more.
Of course my main concern was that she was ok but I have to admit to feeling a little miffed that we had lost the opportunity to go out and enjoy the day.
Wednesday was also my dad's birthday, he would have been 75. I think possibly I was looking forward to going out as much for the distraction it would also bring and therefore I probably dwelt too much on the fact he isn't with us anymore.

Anyway after that lazy day proved to be the tonic S needed she was fit and ready to venture out again and Thursday morning we went to the cinema to see The Penguins of Madagascar followed by a trip to the shops so she could spend a couple of vouchers she had been given for Christmas.

(I do like a bit of tartan and the warmth of the reds and browns made this sofa look very cosy)

Friday I was back at work and so that was the end of my time with them both.

The weekend has been a pretty busy one.
Yesterday we spent the day in London.
We met up with T's eldest brother R and his nan N in Trafalgar Square and then spent a lovely couple of hours in the National Gallery before heading to Leicester Square and a trip to M&M World where S was dazzled by the choice and amount of chocolate on display.

(love everything about this, the painted wood, the wicker, floral fabrics, Tea poster, shelving, pops of red)

Today we had a full house with family and friends over for a pre birthday lunch. There are two very excited children who can't wait for tomorrow.


  1. Happy birthday to T and S, such a shame that they have to go back to school on their birthday but I'm sure they'll enjoy spending time with their friends. It sounds like you had a good week, though it's a shame that S wasn't well on Wednesday, I'm glad it wasn't anything serious and that she soon picked up. You've had a busy weekend too, I bet you'll be ready for a rest now.

  2. Happy birthday to T and S! I was glad to get back to school after a mad week celebrating the Princess' birthday; school pyjama pamper party on Wednesday and family party on Sunday with a good heavy cold in between!
    Glad your S is feeling better x

  3. If T and S want to wash any more cars, send them my way!! x