Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Holyrood Part 4

Way back in September 2012 I shared photos of some new art work at the Holyrood council estate here in Southampton.
Previously blank walls by the communal entrance on a number of blocks of flats had been transformed with tiled snap shots of the City's history.
Whilst in town a month or so ago I spotted some new additions and so I made sure I had my camera with me when I made a flying visit there on Saturday.
Three of them are dedicated to the sea.

In August 1620 the Mayflower and the Speedwell set sail from Southampton for America. The Speedwell sprang a leak and they had to stop for repairs. When she was deemed unseaworthy the Mayflower continued the journey alone.
Depicted on the left is Southampton's Mayflower Memorial.

My favourite by far though is the Queen Mary. My lovely dad worked on this liner and served some of her rich and famous passengers.

This final one depicting different forms of transport is very zingy in it's yellow and orange tones with the brilliant splash of red from the tram and bus.

I think the whole collection is wonderful, such an innovative way to show the heritage of our City in a vibrant and engaging way.


  1. They're fabulous, aren't they? Not only brightening up an area but telling the city's history too. How wonderful working on the Queen Mary, I bet your dad had lots of tales to tell.

  2. These are lovely Lisa far better than a whole load of graffiti

  3. The tiles look really good and I am sure that they enhance the estate. I have had an interest in the Mayflower for a while now ever since visiting Plimoth in Massachusetts where the Mayflower took the pilgrims. Whilst there I bought a passenger list and even went to visit some of their graves! I bet your Dad had some stories to tell about some of the people he met on his ship! x

  4. These are wonderful tributes Lisa. Love them x

  5. Hello lovely! Those tiles are beautiful! Such grand and inspiring designs! I love boats and ships!x

  6. Don't they look great? I love seeing any form of public art. xxx

  7. Lisa ... I just love these they are brilliant.
    I'm sure your dad had some lovely stories to share with you all too.

    Good for you to have/take your camera.

    Enjoy the rest of your week -it's going very quickly I think.

    All the best Jan

  8. They are a great collection and a fantastic way to showcase a town's rich history. Thanks for sharing your photos with us.

  9. I keep meaning to photograph the tiles. A long time ago I tracked down all the metal sculptures on the estate. They're great fun.