Tuesday, 27 October 2015

It's Back!!!

At the risk of sounding just a teeny bit weird I was very excited to see that the Winter Spice washing up liquid is back on the shelves in Sainsbury's.
I love it.
 Does anyone else use this?
Does anyone love the scent of it as much as I do?

I stockpile so I have enough to keep me going until at least the end of January.
It smells of winter cosiness.
It smells of Christmas.

There I've said it.
We haven't got to Halloween yet and I've mentioned Christmas.
I can't help myself.

And seeing as I've bought it up I'm going to carry on with it for the rest of this post.
You see this washing up liquid and a recently discovered poem has given me an idea for a silly Secret Santa gift.
Or maybe a gift for the person who has everything.
Or maybe for that person for whom you struggle with ideas for each year.

Purchase one bottle of Winter Spice washing up liquid, a pair of those festive novelty washing up gloves to be found in Poundland's up and down the country at this time of year and a suitably Christmassy tea towel. 

Write this poem out onto a tag and hang from the neck of the washing up bottle.

It's time for Christmas and
You deserve the best...
A gift unlike all the rest 

We thought a new car or fancy cruise,
But decided on something 
You could actually use.

At last we found a little gift 
You can admire:
Please enjoy your new 


You may even get some help with the washing up afterwards if you're lucky, especially if you included a sweet treat for them to enjoy once the chore was done.


  1. Lisa
    It's so good to read posts like this ... so cheery, thank you.
    There are so many lovely scents available and a lot do come out during the Winter / Christmas period. What a great idea for a pressie and I love that verse.

    Did you see I actually mentioned New Year Resolution in my comment on your last post - now in October perhaps that is a little ridiculous!!

    Do hope your week is going well.

    All the best Jan

    PS Thanks for your comments on the low carb blog and letting me know you do take time in choosing your gifts for your sister.

  2. What a good idea. I have already been stockpiling Zoflora Winter Spice cleaner. When my porch and kitchen have been mopped with this the smell is very festive.

  3. I didn't know there's a Christmassy washing up liquid in Sainsburys. It sounds and looks like something I'd like. Will look for this next time I'm in the shop. I like the poem too, very funny. The washing up liquid and this poem could be a great present to someone who doesn't like washing up or someone who does! X

  4. As I have long suspected, you are indeed insane! AND it's not even Halloween or Bonfire night and you are half way down the bottle!! You make ma laugh my friend xxxxx

  5. I need a new bottle of washing up liquid, I'll look out for this. You are officially the queen of gifts, who else would think that a bottle of washing up liquid would make a good Christmas present but you present things in such a fabulous way that anyone would be thrilled to receive it, I know I would.

  6. That's a great, fun gift idea! I've not seen the winter spice one before but I might have a sniff next time I'm in Sainsbury's! I only buy Ecover so don't sample all those other 'flavours' out there!

  7. Hehe, I love it what a cool idea. I haven't seen or sniffed the washing up liquid, but will admit I am now intrigued xx

  8. you are inspired Lisa !

    Some washing up liquids remind me of the ones used when I worked on a Kibbutz. One takes me right back to a wonderful hostal my friends & I stayed in in Jerusalem. It's incredible how evocative the scent is.

    Glad you enjoy your seasonal one & has inspired more fun gift giving xx

  9. I will keep a look out for the festive washing up liquid Lisa! I think the poem, gloves and tea towel is a great idea!

  10. I'm just trying to think which of my friends or family might appreciate a bottle of washing up liquid for Christmas... Even if it does smell delicious! You ARE bonkers! xxx

  11. Lisa
    Shopping at the weekend I saw this and bought a bottle - I've not opened yet, thought I'd save it 'til 1st December!

    All the best Jan

  12. I need to go up to Sainsburys right now!,

  13. I thought of you today ...

    Fast forward to 2016,and I've just bought a bottle of this!

    All the best Jan