Thursday, 22 October 2015

My Sister's Birthday

It's that time of year again.
On Saturday I will be taking a huge bag of birthday presents to my sister.
I've been organised (for once) and I took photos of all the items as I wrapped.
So here we go......
Plastic blue basket 10p, Gisela Graham sweet heart £1. 

Blue polka dot tin 10p, Caramel body lotion 50p, Cath Kidston handbag mirror 10p.

Cushion £1

Black and gold top 50p

 Navy jumper £1

Black and white knitted dress £1

Wicker basket 10p

White mug with mini heart decoration 49p, spoon decorated pot 25p, of all the things I have bought that's the one I was tempted to keep.
Dark blue star patterned dish 50p.

Another Gisela Graham item, this time a heart patterned jug was £1. The heart etched wine glass was also £1.

Emma Bridgewater storage box £1.

The final item is also the tiniest. A little key shaped key ring charm for 30p.

All in all £9.94 was spent on this collection.


  1. What utterly inspired shopping! I'm sure your sister will be delighted with all her birthday gifts, they show real care and love. xxx

  2. These are all lovely presents, I bet your sister will love them. My favourite is the Gisela Graham jug- so pretty!

  3. Lucky sister, so many pretty things. I really love the little jug and can see why you were tempted to keep the spoon storage jar xx

  4. You certainly know where to find the bargains. That's a brilliant haul and I'm sure your sister's going to be thrilled with everything. There's quite a few things there that caught my eye which I'd have been tempted to keep.

  5. you always get a lot for your £10!

  6. Wow, great collection of gifts at a bargain price, love the blue basket!
    Caz xx

  7. I love this way you approach each other's birthdays!!! What a great selection for £10. I like the heart-shaped basket best!x

  8. Wow. I'd have been tempted by the blue dish with the stars on. I love what you and your sister buy each other.

  9. Lisa
    What an amazing collection, so many great things you've managed to get. How do you do it - do you do it over the course of a year, or just see something and think ... I'll get that now!

    Your sister will love her gifts.

    All the best Jan

  10. You do so well with your bargain hunting - I would have been too tempted to keep most of those fabulous finds xxx

  11. Wow that's a lorra lorra pressies! My favourite is the knitted dress. x

  12. You are the bestest bargain hunter I know Lisa! I am sure your sister was thrilled with her bounty. x