Monday, 26 October 2015

Saturday Shopping

The top of the wardrobes in our bedroom is my storage area for all the gifts I buy during the year.
I try and keep it as neat and tidy as possible and have been through various size/material/colour varieties of boxes and baskets to try and get the right combination.
As I buy so many items for my sister I wanted to buy something of a good size which I could use just for her bits and bobs.
I scoured the internet and found this white wicker underbed storage box from Wilkinson's which fitted the bill.
I ordered it online and requested it be delivered to the store and on Saturday I went to collect it.

Once home I took everything down from the wardrobes, had a re-jig of the storage and it's contents and put it all back up again.
I was in Ikea during the week and had bought one each of the green and pink Tjena boxes so there is a good splash of colour to go with all the plain white.
I'm really pleased with how it looks and the amount of storage it gives me. I hope I've got it right now.

Of course we had a quick whizz around the charity shops whilst we were out. G bought a couple of albums which he was happy with and on a £1 sale rail S saw this tiger top.

S has already got her sights set on using this 50p reindeer dish as her breakfast bowl during December.

My only purchase were these Pyrex pots in beautifully subdued tones which are a very welcome addition to my dresser. They were only 20p each. Looking online I found a set of 3 selling for £8 so I think I found a bit of a bargain.


  1. I love the storage boxes. I keep gifts in the top of my wardrobe too but they're not in boxes, that's such a good idea which I may just borrow. Love the reindeer bowl, that's so cute.

  2. Super shopper! The baskets are fab, Tell S that reindeer bowl is amazing! xxxx

  3. Oooh, the bowls are super!!! Bargain eh and your wicker box collection looks super stylish.x

  4. Got to love a bit of bargain hunting :)

  5. Lovely storage space. I used to keep presents in a locked suitcase under the bed. Now I use colourful PVC storage bags x

  6. Lisa
    I love those wicker baskets - they look great. They put my plastic containers to shame, I must get more organised. Hey I could make it a New Years Resolution !!!

    Check back with me in January to see if I do!

    Seriously you've made some great purchases her.

    All the best Jan

  7. I love your organization. The white wicker baskets are lovely next to the boxes with a splash of colour. That reindeer bowl is great - I would use it filled with wrapped sweets for the festive season. x