Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Leaf Shaped Tree

T suggested the two of us went out together at the weekend. The plan was to go somewhere we could capture the colours of autumn.
We decided on Sunday and chose the park we had spent so many happy hours in when T and S were younger.
We didn't end up taking very many photos. Unfortunately the weather did co-operate with our plans. The air was heavy with drizzle and the light was dreadful.
Of the small selection I took this tree is by far my favourite and a pretty reminder of the time when my 15 year old son chose to spend some time with me.


  1. That's a beautiful tree, and a lovely photo. Thank you for your recent comment on my visual miscellany post, I'm glad you enjoyed the photos - you are too kind, the camera does the hard work for me!

  2. How lovely to spend some time out and about together. The tree's a beauty.

  3. How lovely that your son wanted to spend time with you alone. My son is 17 now and I can feel him slipping away from me. He did ask me to accompany him to do some shopping at the weekend though, more so because I hold the credit card!!! I love your leaf tree. I am drawn to trees and find them comforting. x

  4. I have a real affection for trees, they provide such beauty don't they? It was a very overcast Sunday here, we were out around 2pm and it was almost dark then!
    Caz xx

  5. So nice to spend time together ...

    Trees can be so special and I never get tired of looking at them, walking by them. They change so with the seasons too.

    I do agree the tree you've photographed is shaped like a leaf - it's lovely.

    Do hope your week is going well.

    All the best Jan

  6. That was lovely of T to want to spend the day with you. Shame the weather didn't oblige but at least you got out. That tree is wonderful - I always think you could fill a blog with just trees (and clouds). ABC were absolutely wonderful - a great evening. And Martin Fry is still a dreamboat! xxx

  7. Great tree! And it's lovely that your big boy wants to spend time with you! xxx

  8. How lovely he wanted to share that time. That is a really touching thing. The leaf tree is beautiful too!x

  9. The weather has not been the best for walking lately. I'm missing the blue Canadian skies, if not the cold. Well done for spotting the leaf shaped tree.