Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Swaythling to Salisbury

We like the train to take the strain when it's time to go to Salisbury and visit G's family.
We can't travel directly from our local one so we usually drive down the road to Swaythling station. I like this Victorian station complete with it's little patch of garden at the front.

Last time we were there I noticed something new but didn't have my camera, I made sure I had it with me at the weekend though.
Swaythling was the site of the largest Remount Depot in World War I and this horse head and a plaque have been donated in remembrance of the 400,00 horses and mules which passed through the depot.

These horses attached to the perimeter fence are from an art project undertaken by a local secondary school.

Just to the left of the station is a plot of land which has been developed in recent years and named after a local artist - Eric Meadus Close. His drawing of the station is featured on this plaque and you can read more about him here if you wish, it's very informative. Apparently L.S Lowry was a fan of and I'm pleased to say our local art gallery owns some of his works.

Our reason for visiting Salisbury was to take G'S mum and her friend J out to lunch as it was her birthday this week. Very nice it was too and we spent a couple of cosy hours sat in the pub whilst the wind and rain lashed down outside. We had an hour or so to spare before the train and so made a quick dash to a couple of charity shops, passing this old house on the way.
G swears he'd never noticed it before. The plaque by the front door names it as 'The Old Forge.' 

G found a couple of Prog Rock CD's, S found a couple of books and I came home with this holly saucer. It was only 50p and I bought it with the intention of adding it to my sister's bundle of gifts but once home I decided I didn't actually want to part from it and so it's now sat on my mantelpiece.

p.s I may have been playing my Brian Setzer Christmas CD whilst typing this.


  1. I love your little holly saucer. What an interesting railway station. It's good to see that its history is being celebrated and remembered. We've got two stations here, one was opened in the 1830's, the other in the 1980's so you can imagine the differences between them.

  2. I'm not sure I could have passed the saucer on as well... it's beautifully Christmas, isn't it?
    I got Kylie's Christmas cd this weekend, and I really enjoy it; it's a mix of kitsch and pop, new and old. Not at all classy, but fun!

  3. Christmas CDs already? Noooo!
    That little house is fantastic, and the horse looks as though he's smiling! Sounds as though you had a good day! xxx

  4. That saucer is definitely a keeper! x

  5. There are some nice walks around Swaythling through Monks Brook and the meadows. Salisbury is interesting too. I really must pay it another visit soon.

  6. Just had a listen to Boogie Woogie Santa Claus and it's got my feet tapping ... thank you.

    I do like the holly dish it looks perfect, just right to hold that candle.

    Sometimes it is so nice to travel by train, providing it is not in the rush hour ... interesting to read and see your photo's.

    Hope your weekend has gone well - are you managing to keep warm, I have my thicker socks, gloves and scarf out it certainly has been cooler of late. Brr in fact!

    All the best Jan

  7. The holly plate is great!!! Love it!!! The horse plaque is a really effective idea too.x