Monday, 23 November 2015

White Christmas Gift

Two things are certain.
1. Christmas is coming.
2. I like a theme when it comes to giving Christmas presents.
Last Christmas I compiled a gift for a friend of ours after seeing this picture on Pinterest.
The gift can be seen here.
Lots of 'white items' popped inside a vintage style tin.

I've gone for the same idea for two other friends this Christmas .
A couple of the gifts are the same - a Christmas spice candle, Galaxy white chocolate and a copy of Mystery In White- A Christmas Crime Story - but I've given each one things I know they'll like and use. 

For my friend T there is a bottle of shower gel and tube of body lotion, a pair of cute socks and a pad of sticky notes.

My friend G has a different shower gel and a floral scarf

and a bottle of Winter hand sanitiser. This gift is for the friend who had the very cherry Christmas gift last year. She was thrilled with that and so I hope she likes this one as much.

Instead of a vintage tin I'm going to pop the items, apart from the book, inside the white Christmas tree shaped bowl. Once wrapped I'll attach a gift tag along the lines of 'may all your Christmases be white'.

The second part of the gift will be a pack of these Christmas patterned straws with an individual bottle of red wine. As per last year when this present is unwrapped they will find a tag attached to the bottle reading 'and when the white runs out enjoy the red!'


  1. Lisa, I think you are the best gift giver! My husband complimented me on a scarf I was wearing at the weekend - it was among the gifts you kindly sent me for my 50th Birthday. I am sure all your recipients will be thrilled. x

  2. You are an inspired and thoughtful gift giver Lisa x

  3. You are so clever Lisa! What a classy and fun idea!x

  4. As other comments have already said, you are such a brilliant and creative gift giver! I always love to see what you've put together :)

  5. This is clever, well thought out gift-giving. Wish I could get a present like this too. Your friends are so lucky! X

  6. You are so inventive when it comes to gifts, I don't know where you get all your fabulous ideas from. I'm sure your friends will be thrilled.

  7. You do come up with some lovely ideas Lisa.
    My sons girlfriend always has a Christmas theme when wrapping presents, and they always look great.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas.

    All the best Jan

  8. You give such thoughtful and inspired gifts Lisa, I'm sure the recipients will love them. x