Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Two Words

My route in town on Saturday took me past Debenhams.
I do like to see their window displays as the festive season creeps closer.
These huge gift tags were suspended from the ceiling and with the words Found It written boldly upon them they made me smile.
Two words which can bring such a sense of achievement and satisfaction when you know you've discovered just the most prefect present.


  1. I really liked Debenhams Found It campaign last year. I'm quite pleased they are doing it again.
    Looks like you had a good half term and Halloween. It's day two of school for Violet, and already it feels as if half term was a very distant memory!

  2. I think my gift tag would say 'Can't find it'. I'm at a loss this year, I'm stuck for what to buy for so many people, mostly men. It seems to get harder every year.

  3. I wonder if they can give me a clue as to what to buy for a very fussy 24 year old son and an equally difficult partner to buy for.

  4. I've already got a few presents, just things I've happened to come across and thought were perfect for someone or another - so I decided to get them there and then. x

  5. Yes, and when you have 'Found It' you do breath a sigh of relief ...

    I love looking at the window displays, especially as the Christmas season grows ever nearer, well some may say it's here!

    Good luck to all in the search for the ideal present.

    All the best Jan

  6. I still haven't done any shopping for presents. I don't really enjoy it, it's more like a chore, ticking off items in a long list.
    Back home Christmas is less about buying and giving but more about sharing food and being with your loved ones. Sorry I probably sound like a Scrooge! X

  7. Generally the 2 words can be heard in my house relating to lost keys, mobile phone and glasses - all mine!!! The Dancing Queen's old bedroom is now looking slightly like Santas Grotto/packing station. I'm always glad when the day is over and done!! xxxxx

  8. Ha, that is a clever idea! I obviously didn't notice it when I went into Debenhams last year. X

  9. That's so true! Whether it's in a charity shop or department store, buying the perfect gift is a nice feeling. I've done a lot of online shopping for this Christmas and if I'm not careful I'm in danger of missing all the Christmas windows.