Monday, 21 December 2015

Christmas Marathon Catch Up

There aren't many pictures in this post and the ones that are here are of shocking quality but I need to make sure I get down some kind of record of our December.
On the first Saturday evening of the month the annual festive event at our local shops was held. It was opened by the lantern parade which was a bit of a haphazard affair as S didn't want to take part without her friend B and we couldn't find her in the crowd.
Earlier in the day, whilst out looking for more new school shoes we had bumped into friend G and we ended up inviting her to come along with us.
 The girls had fun on the fairground rides, bumping into friends from school and mooching around the shops before it was time to visit the fish and chip shop and make our way home.

The second week of December was a long one as I had agreed to work extra hours to cover a colleagues annual leave. So at the time of year when I'm looking for more time to get things done I actually had less than usual, like many others I'm sure. 
I have really enjoyed the advent activities S and I have done over the past couple of years but when I asked her about doing them this year she wasn't so keen. I have to admit I was a little sad at the prospect but it probably made this week a little more manageable. 
I did squeeze in a bit of socialising one evening though as one of the ladies from our book club had issued an invite to all for wine and nibbles. And very nice it was too.

Although S and I haven't been doing the crafts and games we've done before we have been getting out and about. Last weekend I suggested to G we went along to an outdoor carol service. I can't sing in tune but I do love singing a good carol like Come All Ye Faithful. I never want to sing In The Bleak Midwinter again, I'd never sung it before and thought it was a bit of a dirge. We ended with We Wish You A Merry Christmas and that left everyone smiling.
As we were leaving G said he had really enjoyed himself and it had got him feeling festive. He isn't a fan of Christmas time, even less so as it was this time of year he lost his dad a few years ago, but he was glad we went along and joined in. I think the free mince pies may have helped. 

The last week of school was a hectic one. This being S's last year at junior school it will probably be the last one quite like it. Senior school is so different. As are the children as they grow into teenagers!
Tuesday was Year 6's production of Oliver. This year S, who is normally happy to be part of the choir, auditioned for a part as a dancer in the tavern when they sing Oom Pah Pah. She looked like she was having a lot of fun and the children did a really good job throughout.
Wednesday was wear a Christmas jumper/t-shirt to school day. There was the carol service to go to in the morning and Christmas meal to enjoy at lunch time.
The day was rounded off by me, S and T going into town. There we met up with my mum and sisters. Our arrival, without planning it, coincided with Father Christmas and his sleigh. There was a little shopping done, food eaten and festive atmosphere soaked up.

As if there wasn't enough happening at school this week Thursday was Greek Day. The Ancient Greeks have been the topic this half term and a day of Grecian activities was on the agenda, which of course required a costume. Thank goodness for the internet and youtube. Instructions were found for making a long tunic out of a sheet, being December we went for a thicker material in the shape of an old fleecey throw. A few stitches added to make arm holes and a bronze coloured leaf brooch to hold it in place and it was done. S wore a plain cream long sleeved top and her leggings underneath.

G had been called for jury service last week, he has been along to the courts but not actually been called as a juror. He is back there again today.
I'm off for the next three days so I hope I can accomplish the little bit more of wrapping which needs to be done and the small amount of food shopping which needs to be bought. 


  1. What a great tunic ! Busy time for you with extra work. I am only in for a few hours on Christmas eve this week which is just as well as have the lurgy. I hope you can catch breath this week ! x

  2. I agree with you about In The Bleak Midwinter, it needs a new tune is what I think, good words as a poem but..........
    Hope your Christmas goes well

  3. All those activites make for one hectic December. I could never understand schools when they put on events during the run up to Christmas with everything being so busy, you did so well with the costume though, S looks fab.

  4. Lisa, love your costume creation and judging by the smile on S, so did she. December always is a crazy hectic month, I just hope you can start to slow down a little now and enjoy Christmas. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family!
    Anna xx

  5. Everyone ALWAYS takes the Bleak Mid winter too slow!!! I love the words but I don't like it at that speed!!! Well done to S!!! By the way, can you email me your address please?x

  6. Hi Lisa
    I just cannot believe it's Boxing Day evening!
    I do hope your Christmas was a lovely one, I'm sure it was.

    I enjoyed catching up with your December news ... and look forward to reading more during 2016 - goodness it will soon be here!

    Enjoy the remainder of 2015 and all good wishes for 2016.

    All the best Jan

  7. Hi Lisa! I hope you and your family had fantastic Christmas. The Grecian costume looks great- well done! Hope the rest of the holidays is going well. All the best for 2016!! X