Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Festive Goings On

It was strangely quiet here on Saturday afternoon.
T was busy with his weekend shift at the charity shop and S had been invited round to her friend B's house.
When S, eventually, came home she bought this beautiful lantern with her.
B's mum took the girls to a craft session where they each made a lantern in preparation for the procession which will take place at our local shopping centre this weekend.

Sunday morning me, G and S took ourselves off to a vintage fair.
A couple of purchases were made towards Christmas and I treated myself to this serving spoon.
Back in the summer my sister gave me this gorgeous stamped tea spoon and butter knife and I was keen to add to my collection.
I'm not sure what I'm going to be making for dessert on Christmas day but I'm sure it will taste even better when served up with this vintage spoon.

Having a good old tidy up at home on Monday I couldn't resist putting out the odd decoration. 
I bought this metal sprig of mistletoe from Wilkinson's last week and now it's hung over the door way into the dining room.
Pucker up.

The banner on the wall has been changed to something more festive

and of course the advent calendars were found and put in position for this morning.
The children have one each which hang on their bedroom door into which I pop a little sweet something for them to find each morning.
I've never wanted one of the chocolate advents, I prefer the ones just with pictures and this year's one features some very cute woodland creatures.


  1. Cute calendar! I love the tail on the fox!
    And the lantern is a really effective make; will you be going to the parade?

  2. What a pretty lantern. I like the Mistletoe - the bead berries look very real.

  3. It's starting to get very Christmassy. Love the cute advent calendar and S's lantern.

  4. Very cute advent characters. Hope you have a wonderful winter day. Watch out for that mistletoe!

  5. The calendar is really cute!!!
    WHAT a nice idea with the lantern! It reminds me of what we did when I was on teacher training- every child had a piece of A4 thick tracing paper which they drew a stained glass design on in black ink (liquid ink with paint brushes). When they were dry, they filled in the gaps with coloured ink and then all were stapled together into one massive stained glass lantern which was hung from the school hall ceiling for the Christmas fair- every class did one in a different coloour and they looked magnificent!!!
    What a darling spoon too!x

  6. The lantern looks great, there are many lovely festivities around at the moment as the shopping centres entice us in to look and spend ...

    I'm sure you are enjoying opening your advent calendar too.

    Enjoy the rest of the week

    All the best Jan

  7. I love the garland and Advent calendar. The lantern is lovely- I hope your daughter enjoyed the procession.

  8. Quite agree about chocolate advent calendars, I simply cannot abide them. Give me an 'old'fashioned' picture one any day of the week x