Thursday, 3 December 2015

Sister Swap

Last year a new tradition was started between me and my 2 sisters.
 It was decided would exchange 24 gifts, one to be opened every morning counting down to 25th December.
All of the gifts are put inside a pillowcase of our own choosing.
When we were little we would place a pillowcase at the end of our bed on Christmas Eve, hoping for a visit from Father Christmas.

Last year I bought for my sister C and I only managed to record a couple of the things I gave her.
This year I'm (slightly) more organised and have managed to record all the ones I've bought for my sister T.
All apart from one that is. Along with the ones shown below is this book.

Our rules are simple.
Day one is an edible gift and then every fourth day after that is also a consumable gift.
It could be something such as a bar of chocolate or maybe a sachet of something warming to drink.

T's edible gifts are shown first.
I've given her some Christmas cake cases and a sponge mix as one of them so she'll have to do a bit of work before she gets something to eat that day!

Each item is to cost no more than £1. We keep an eye out all year round and slowly but surely they mount up.
T likes things with a moustache motif and so I was really pleased when I found the paper straws.
The shopper with the face on was one of the best bargains by far, it was 10p in Superdrug.

T opened the book marks yesterday and she text to say she liked them so much she was taking them into work to show her colleagues.
I was a bit unsure she would like these so I was really pleased with that reaction.

The festive patterned material all the gifts are placed for photographing purposes is her pillowcase, it's the one from the duvet set her son used to have on his bed each year when he was little.

Today she opened the heart patterned socks.

The bunting was my other great buy. It spells Celebrate when it's hung up and so can be used for different occasions.
I bought 3 sets, one for each sister and one for myself.
These were 10p each from Oxfam.

This is the gift she'll be opening on Christmas Eve.
It's my favourite of them all.
I did go over the £1 limit on this, but not by much.
She likes the Flower Fairies and I hope this will become a favourite for her to wear each Christmastime.


  1. Another lovely post Lisa.
    When growing up I too used to leave the pillow case at the end of my bed ... and I was so excited, and pleased, when I woke the next morning ... special memories indeed.

    I must just give this link here - I've always had a thing about fairies - I hope you do go across and read this, it's in a post called "Things that are special to me."
    'How to find flower fairies'

    Hope your week has been a good one.

    Have a brilliant weekend - when it gets here

    All the best Jan

  2. What a brilliant idea! I love opening the presents, so 24 little ones before Christmas would be a blast! I might get a sister-in-law to do this with next year!

  3. You are very good at this present buying malarkey! I find it hard enough to buy Christmas gifts, let alone having ideas for 24 advent pressies too! Lovely choices, Lisa. xxx

  4. Wow Lisa!!! These are really impressive!!! So glad you managed to get her these lovely things and some such bargains too!!!x

  5. You have such creative ideas Lisa. I would love to go shopping with you as I rarely find a bargain! Have fun opening pressies from your sisters too! x

  6. Such lovely gifts, T is going to be thrilled with them all. What with advent and Twelve Days of Christmas, you're going to be very busy present opening all December and in to January.

  7. Lisa, that is a wonderful idea, and a way to connect with someone special every day of December. I'm not sure I would get everything accumulated as you have done. Good job!

  8. This is really fun. I think you have chosen fantastic gifts for your sister. I'm sure she'll love them all. X

  9. Lovely tradition & the Flower fairy pendant is lovely