Friday, 29 April 2016

Brooklyn Bridge

After our walk along the High Line refreshment was needed and mine came in the shape of a raspberry and lemonade freeze.


After both liquid nourishment and a cake were consumed we headed off in the direction of...

Here we have G and those famous arches, it was difficult getting a photo without too many other people in it as it was incredibly busy.

And with great views like this it's really no surprise.

Despite the authorities not wanting couples to leave their love locks on the structure the bridge is littered with padlocks.

Once in Brooklyn we sat basking in the sunshine at Cadman Plaza Park for a short while before carrying on towards the Brooklyn Heights Promenade which gives the most amazing views of the bridge, the East river and the Manhattan skyline. 

The residential roads leading up the promenade were just chock full of houses
I would (again) have been happy to call home and I particularly liked the names of the three streets named after fruit, Cranberry, Orange and Pineapple. I'd love to give my address as Pineapple Street!

After a meander along the promenade it was time to look for somewhere to have lunch and then we made our way back over the bridge.

We made sure the route back to the hotel took us through Little Italy as this was another part of the City G was keen to see

before our final stop which was Stuyvesant Park and this is where my camera battery packed up just as I managed to snap one of this friendly squirrel. 
There were lots of things I wanted to take photos of here, maybe next time!


  1. Well done walking Brooklyn Bridge in both directions! We took the subway over and walked back into the city. On a clear day the views are simply fabulous.

    One of the things I love about NYC is all the wonderful river walks and little parks that are dotted about where you least expect them.

    Carry on with your fabulous photos.

  2. I am living catching up with your posts. I really want to visit NYC now. You had amazing weather. Xxx

  3. That raspberry and lemonade freeze looks very refreshing, I bed you were ready for it as you certainly packed lots in to your trip. I'm glad you got to see so much of the city, especially the parts which were on yours and G's lists.

  4. It looks so wonderful Lisa and you had glorious weather too! x

  5. Your freeze looks tasty and refreshing. Loved the views from the bridge, although I don't like this leaving padlocks on bridges thing, ever since they started doing it in Paris I've just never liked it (bah humbug lol.) x

  6. Oh goodness that raspberry and lemonade freeze does look so inviting ...

    Once again some lovely photo's, you sure are going to have some wonderful memories of this trip.

    The views are lovely and such a cheeky squirrel to finish your post with.

    All the best Jan

  7. A lovely walk! Your drink looks delicious and like you I love the idea of living on Pineapple Street!