Sunday, 3 April 2016

First Booty

We've been in Salisbury today.
A belated Easter get together with G's family.
People being poorly and rubbish weather last weekend meant a date to see each other was arranged for this weekend instead.
It just so happens that the car boot in the field near my mother-in-law has started up again and so G suggested we went up an hour earlier than originally planned and give ourselves a little time to have a wander round and see what we could find.
That plan got a thumbs up from me.
Here are my buys from the first car boot of 2016 and in the order they were purchased.

First up is this big pasta serving dish.
As well as pasta I'm thinking it would be good to use for serving up garlic bread which is always a welcome addition to a pasta bake type meal.
Mine for 50p.

Here we have S wearing the jumper I bought her for £1.00. Animal print and fluffy two of her favourite things when it comes to clothing.

As if I don't have enough brooches already but I couldn't resist this polka dot bird. Another £1.00 purchase.

This item will go towards my sister's bundle of birthday gifts. Two brand new Cath K dusters for £1.00.

Final purchase and also £1.00 was an Avon room spritz in orange blossom, a fragrance we haven't tried as yet. I normally stock up on these for using in the bathroom when they are on offer in the catalogue at that price but I haven't bought any for a while and we are down to our last one so I was really pleased when S spotted this just as we were leaving.

Just a handful of things bought and a real mix of items they were too and to include a present, a jumper which made S happy and something useful I would need anyway was a good result all round I think.


  1. Some great buys. I love that pasta dish and S looks great in her new jumper.

  2. Well some great purchases Lisa, well done.
    The jumper looks great on S, and that little brooch is sweet.
    The weather wasn't too bad Sunday ... so I bet it was lovely having a good walk around.

    Hope the new week ahead is a good one for you.

    All the best Jan

  3. What great finds!! The pasta dish is lovely and I adore your little brooch!! Too cute! Looks like a very good walk! xx

  4. I can't believe that gorgeous bowl was only 50p!! What a bargain! And your daughter is like mine, she loves to wear anything soft and fluffy. It's convenient for you in-laws having the car boot so close.
    Caz xx

  5. I love the pasta bowl! You always seem to find such bargains Lisa. You'd make a great boot sale buddy! x

  6. I love the pasta bowl very rustic and just what I would want to find if I were you. The dusters were a good find too towards your sisters birthday. Well done all I think.

  7. S's jumper is really cute and I love the pasta bowl! x

  8. Super finds to start your car boot sales bargains in 2016 x

  9. These are all great items! I love it when you find something suitable!! I went chazzing with my flute pals on Friday after a rehearsal and all was getting a bit sad with no purchases until one shop came up trumps and I bought 2 books (could've bought 4 but thought I had them, which I didn't..grr), a shirt and a brooch!


  10. Excellent car booting loot, well done you. That big pasta dish is brilliant, I bet you use that loads. x

  11. Nice finds, Lisa - love love LOVE that pasta bowl x