Wednesday, 27 April 2016

The High Line

After a good night's sleep and a breakfast of pancakes, maple syrup and bacon we were ready to start our first full day in New York.
The High Line is the genius idea of turning a disused elevated rail track into a public park and walk way which winds it's way through Manhattan's West Side.
There was a huge amount of construction going on as we made our way to the start 

and seeing as we had come all the way from Southampton, from where the Mayflower set sail, we smiled when we saw this truck to our left.

And our smile broadened as we enjoyed this wonderful view out over the Hudson to our right.

One thing which struck us was that no matter where we were in the City there was a huge amount of bird chirruping, when the the horns of the traffic were silent that is. This chap was very vocal and paused long enough for me to get a quick snap.

Just to prove we were there I snapped a photo of G strolling along

and he took one of me, looking a bit tired and saggy, but heigh ho, the blossom is looking fresh and lovely!

There are lots of benches and resting points along the way which give the most spectacular views.

All of a sudden as we were nearing the end of the walk way we spotted the Statue of Liberty in the distance. G had researched the High Line before we went but he didn't realise we would be able to see her from the here. What a burst of pure excitement we felt when we spied her. Beautiful.

It really is hard to top that view.

There is a lot of art to be seen and enjoyed along the way too,

of which this statue of a man sleepwalking in his underwear has to be the most striking.
He is so incredibly life like, from a distance we thought he was a street performer and it was only as we got much, much closer we realised he wasn't real.


  1. Goodness, that is so lifelike. What a great way to get to see the city and the unexpected view of The Statue of Liberty is the icing on the cake.

  2. Oh my, that statue is rather alarming! Good thing it wasn't night!! The eyes looking from the hoarding are creepy too- very effective art- both of them"!!!xx

  3. oh, the sleepwalker is quite alarming !

  4. what a fantastic trip lisa.....more posts please....its on my list

  5. Fantastic photos. I never imagined the place would look like this - amazing! x

  6. The High Line has only opened since I was last there, so it is interesting to see new views. I don't think I like that statue - it'd be quite scary in the dark lol! x

  7. Such lovely photo's - I'm really enjoying my tour with you.

    I honestly thought you were joking, in your last photo, that statue is real surely!!!

    All the best Jan

  8. The Hihline was so crowded when we went we never made it right to the end. We did see Lady Liberty later though when we took the Statten Island Ferry.