Monday, 16 January 2017


Last year I made a decision.
I decided to stop attending my monthly book club.
It's held at the local library on the second Wednesday of each month and I've been going for a few years, in fact since the very first session.
I have read some wonderful books, ones which I would never have chosen to read otherwise, and I've met some lovely people.
But the thing is I don't get a huge amount of time to read. 
Back then I was travelling to work via public transport and had an hour a day 3 times a week with nothing else to do but read. Over the course of a month this was more than enough time to read whatever it was I had to read.
 Nowadays more often than not I don't start let alone finish the book of the month.
And I have sooooooooooo many books at home waiting to be read.

So back to my decision.
I would go along in December and say cheerio to the group.
Only when I got there it was me and one other, it seemed everyone else was busy with other festive stuff.
 We chatted for about 5 minutes and then went on our separate merry ways.
I decided I'd say goodbye in January instead.
 January's meeting rolled around but on the night G was home from work a little later than normal and by the time I was set to leave they would have been halfway through.
Never mind I thought I had (again!) not the read the book and as I was really only going to say I'm leaving I didn't think it would matter.
Due to time not being on my side I hopped in the car instead of walking as I normally would.
Only Saints were playing at home and the car parks were rammed with supporters who had left their cars to walk over to the the football ground and I couldn't get parked anywhere!
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for third time lucky in February.

Now I did say I didn't have as much time for reading as when I first started at the book club, which is true, but I have already finished the Twelve Days Christmas which was a present from Jo in our swap and am now nearly halfway through this biography about Danny Kaye.
G, knowing my love for this lovable all round entertainer, bought it for Christmas two years ago and it has sat on the shelf since.
As I have already mentioned I have so many others sat on that bookcase which I want to read and I think maybe it was the having to read which was issue.
Now I'm not under any time pressure to read and digest I am finding that I am sitting down and choosing to pick up a book.

And on a completely different subject, here we have T at the start of his young driver lesson. He can't wait to get behind the wheel and start lessons once he's 17 next month so as a Christmas present from us we booked him this taster. We could tell he enjoyed himself as he lost that teenager scowl from his face and it was replaced, for a couple of hours, with a smile.


  1. I have no excuse not to read books more but when I read in bed I never get past more than a couple of pages before falling asleep! I am sure now that the pressure is off, you will get more chances to read. Why not read at home on the days you would normally be at the club? I hope T gets on good with his driving lessons later in the year. My son has just received his provisional license but yet to book a lesson! x

  2. Oh I do love Danny Kaye, we have a few of his films on dvd, I've never read his autobiography though xx

  3. Yes, I think commuting is a great reason to be reading! I think that's why I read so much as I spend about 2 hours a day travelling (although 40 mins of that is walking time...)
    Glad you enjoyed the 12 days of Christmas and how lovely for T to learn to drive! He's ahead of me!xx
    P.S. Alas, the Primark polka dot boots were bought around 4 years ago!!

  4. Hope you get to say goodbye to your club in February and that you enjoy your reading more now that you will have less pressure to complete a book. Hope your son enjoys his driving lessons!

  5. I hope it will be third time lucky for you with the book club, and now that you're not attending you can read whatever book you fancy whenever you have the time. I think that's more enjoyable. Good luck to T with the driving lessons. Young people learn more quickly and they're more confident. I wish I'd learned to drive at his age at not in my forties! x

  6. I've never belonged, or gone to a book club, but I know many enjoy these.
    I find that sometimes I read through a lot of books and then other times the only reading I do is magazines, papers and blogs!

    We have to fit in with our lifestyle and time allowed ...
    Better luck next time!

    So pleased that T enjoyed the taster lesson, I wish him well with all his driving.

    All the best Jan