Wednesday, 18 January 2017


My Wednesdays have taken on a different shape over the past couple of months.
T has a regular appointment which I have begun taking him to.
It's not until a little later in the morning so I have a little time to do some jobs around the home first.
Today I chose to potter in the garden.
Yes it was frosty and a there was a chill in the air but the sun was out and doing it's best to send some warmth, something me and my daffodil bulbs appreciated.

When it was time to go out one of the things I needed to do was buy a card for a friend's 50th birthday. In the past I have found some lovely cards in Barnardos, but this particular charity shop doesn't have a branch where I was today so my first stop was in a Cancer Research shop. They came up trumps with the perfect card and then I spotted a further selection of birthday cards at the back of the shop reduced to 49p. I try and keep a little stock of cards at home and was very pleased with the bundle I picked up. My card box has now been replenished and a fiver has gone to a good cause. Win, win.

I treated myself to some daffodils from Waitrose when I went in there to buy soda crystals. A boring purchase livened up the promise of happy yellow Spring flowers. And how cute is the little blue tit on the label. Can't tell you how happy that me when I spied him. Little things and all that.

Back home this afternoon T asked me if I wanted to play a game with him. I was hoping board game, but he meant computer game. I am so bad at things like Mario Karts, the rest of them just end up in fits of laughter at me. I usually end up driving the wrong way round the track or doing something equally ridiculous. T chose for us to play Super Smash Bros. And I actually won a couple of the battles, so chuffed! Then it was an hour of Just Dance. I got my own back and won most of those but this was the scorecard from You Can Ring My Bell which T won.

Something which hasn't happened for a while is trying something new for tea and it being eaten by everyone. I used the basis of this sweet and sour chicken recipe and will definitely make it again.

Now with T and S both in their bedrooms, G listening to the football and the cats curled up asleep on the sofa I'll spend half an hour ironing and then settle down with my book. A simple, happy day.


  1. Haha, I've been roped in to play Mario kart before, I'm so hopeless they don't ask me anymore, I have trouble even staying on a track! Some shoots coming through for your daffodils, I can't wait to start feeling Spring in the air again xx

  2. I'm also not good with computer games ... I tried with our sons and now I'm trying with the grandsons too - you would have thought I'd improved but I haven't LOL!

    Your day sounds lovely

    Enjoy the rest of the week and good wishes for the coming weekend too

    All the best Jan

  3. I never thought of buying cards in charity shops other than for Christmas, I must investigate as they seem to have some lovely ones at sensible prices! Hope that all is well for you and yours. xx

  4. I love to have a simple happy day peppered with a couple of tiny treats - a small bunch of flowers or a magazine. I am hopeless at computer games. T and you Lisa would have beaten me hands down!x

  5. Yes, a simple, happy day. And well done on the video games - I am hopeless with those things. I also like to stock up on cards from charity shops especially kids' birthday cards. My daughters get invited to friends' and classmates' birthday parties a lot and it's good- and economical- to have birthday cards ready at home.
    I hope you have a great weekend with your family! x

  6. Sounds like a perfect day. I am eager to get back out into the garden but haven't managed it yet.

  7. Mario Kart is a game we used to play on the wii but they'd all be in fits of laughter at my efforts, I couldn't even work out where I was supposed to go. It's a long time since we've had the wii set up though, perhaps we should sort it out again for when we're all next together. I love that little birdie on your daffodils, I haven't bought any yet this year, and the bulbs in your garden are coming along nicely. I didn't plant up any containers this year, the first time for ages that I've missed doing so, but there's lots of bulbs poking their way through the ground.

  8. Spring flowers are so delightful. I'd be hopeless at computer games too !

  9. I am useless at computer games- I feel your pain!!