Monday, 22 May 2017


An exhibition entitled Port Out Southampton Home has been running at the Sea City museum for the past year and is due to come to an end in a couple of weeks.
With G being off with me today we thought a little jaunt into town for lunch and then a wander around the exhibition would be just the thing to make sure we caught it before it closed.
I love the old advertising posters. They are so brightly coloured and 

some are just so stylish too. The exhibition told the history of the liners from their beginnings in the 1890's through to the modern day and was really very interesting. 

I must admit the section covering the 1920s and 1930s was a bit of a draw for me as everyone and everything looked so very glamorous. 
Not sure G would blend in with the in crowd with his Alterbridge t-shirt and jeans!
We did have a game of deck quoits and I'm pleased to report I won.

My dad was in the Merchant Navy and worked with Tommy Steele. He said when he wasn't working he constantly played his guitar and sang, Dad said it drove him mad!

A large and fascinating section of the exhibition was about the food provided on board. On display were a dozen or so menus from different ships across different decades. 
There was so much choice.
Had I been a passenger on R.M.S Berengaria on April 18th 1935 I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been choosing the fried calf's feet for dinner.

I can never resist the lure of trying on dressing up clothes when they are provided, in amongst all the reading I think it's fun when there are some parts which are a bit more interactive.
I think G looks quite good in this cap.

Where as I look fairly ridiculous in my posing!
All jolly good fun though..

On the way back to the car we had to walk past the shopping centre and discovered a new temporary art installation. Huge plastic snails. They reminded me of counters in a child's board game made super-sized. 
We need to go back for another look before they go in June.


  1. I always heard Port Out Starboard Home, POSH. I think this was in reference to a passage to India. I would have loved to have seen the exhibit. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. I love those old posters, very stylish. It sounds like an interesting exhibition and I think you'd make a very good captain, the clothes suit you.

  3. Looks a great visit Lisa, I like the ones of you both posing.

    I think if I had been a passenger on R.M.S Berengaria on April 18th 1935, I may have chosen the salmon.

    Those snails do look colourful, what with snails and zebra's the other year, where you live is certainly colourful.

    Enjoy the rest of your week.

    All the best Jan

  4. How fabulous are those advertising posters! It sounds like a fascinating exhibition and it's good that you could enjoy it before it closed.
    Great photograph of you in the cap. X

  5. It looks like a good day out Lisa. I think you both look great dressing up! I think it's funny that Tommy Steele got on your Dad's nerves with his singing and guitar playing - he also looked so cheerful all the time - that would get on my nerves!!! :) The colourful snail does look like a giant board game piece. x

  6. That sounds interesting. I love those snails too!

  7. that looks like a really lovely exhibition. Loved your poses!

    Also loving the big snails, how cute!x

  8. What a great exhibition. I adored Tommy Steele when I was a little girl but I imagine the constant singing/ strumming / smiling would become very annoying !

  9. Haha, made me laugh to think about Tommy Steele and his constant performing, I was a fan though xx