Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Slow Work

In our house there is an itsy bitsy space between the kitchen and the bathroom that we refer to grandly as our utility room.
Walking into it, from the aforementioned kitchen, you will find on your right our freezer and some shelving as shown below.
For a few years the whole space has been painted this sagey green.
Well some of it is still that colour but now most of it is Dulux Jasmine White.

Opposite the wall shown above is the back door and to the left of that is a wall mounted shoe rack. 
I can't seem to find the post I did at the time but a while back I took an old blue polka dot tablecloth and stuck it to the wall behind the shoe rack to stop it getting covered in dirty marks from both the rack and the shoes. This served it's purpose well but it was starting to look a bit tired and I wanted a lighter feel to the space. 
Plus I had seen this glittery PVC cloth and decided it needed to be used somewhere in our home.
It's really difficult to get a good photo of but I hope you can get the idea from this one below.

This little alcove was originally a window before we had our bathroom extension built on. I used some of the paint we had left over from decorating S's bedroom a few years ago and am really pleased with how it looks.

See that blue tray on the left. It originally looked like this. One Sunday at the car boot I bought a tray of cherries and kept the tray because I thought 'oh I'm sure it'll come in handy at some point.' 
And now it has.

It's now home to my bottles of laundry stain remover and soda crystals. My, how glamourous!

I lined the shelf with a small strip of the glitter PVC to stop the paintwork from becoming scuffed, you may be able to make out the glitter from this photo.

It's taken a good few weeks to get this far, which let's face it isn't that far, but I'm not in any hurry and I'm enjoying the little extras I can faff over as I go. There is a key box which needs a makeover and I need to decide whether or not I'm going to line the shelves. 
Nothing mind blowing but it keeps me busy and makes me happy.


  1. I'd love a utility room or corner, your laundry bits and pieces look so much nicer displayed like that than shoved in a cupboard like I tend to do xx

  2. Very colourful. It looks like a useful area to have. Love the sparkle. X

  3. It's all these little touches which not only make a house a home but make things prettier and keep things at hand and convenient too.

  4. I do agree with what Jo has said ...
    It is so often the little touches that make the difference to our homes.
    I think you've done well, and it is lovely and colourful.

    All the best Jan

  5. I love your organisational skills Lisa. It is so much more pleasurable to use things when they are nicely presented! x

  6. That type of utility space is really useful-I wish we had one! I like what you did!!!