Wednesday, 31 May 2017

May: Bought, Read, Watched

Let's start off with the things I bought for 30p each at the jumble sale earlier this month.
I've worn this skirt to work once already.
 It's lovely and light and summery.

This lightweight knit top is actually more of a peacock blue than the photo shows and has a shimmery thread to it which you can just about make out.
Again this was bought with work in mind has already been worn there once.

Next up is a dress from the car boot.
This was 50p.
Yet another purchase intended for work and again being cotton it's light and with the slightly drop waist really comfy.

This cardi isn't as skew-whiff as it looks hanging from the front of my wardrobe!
It's a lovely deep green and a very welcome addition to my ever expanding cardigan collection.
This was a purchase from my local branch of Barnardo's where everything cost £1.99.

As the price tag shows, this star patterned shirt also came to me via Barnardo's.
And as photo shows it was brand new, still having it's original price tag attached.

I hope it's a while before I get to wear this grey jumper. It's long and baggy and has some pretty buttons along the neck line. Originally from M&S, it was mine for 50p from the car boot.

Only two books read this month.#First up was The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets.
A quick and easy read set in London and the Wiltshire area in the 1950s and featuring some interesting characters.
Johnnie Ray is mentioned quite a lot which led me to listening to his songs on youtube for an entertaining half hour.

I can't remember where G bought this for me. It was a while ago and it was in a charity shop is all I can dredge up from my memory.
It reads like an autobiography and over 150 pages it charts the years of WW2 as experienced by a young girl and her family.

It's been a month of action movies for us.
G has been working his way through the Jack Reacher books written by Lee Child and so we have watched the two adaptations starring Tom Cruise.
To follow that we watched the first three Jason Bourne movies with Matt Damon in the lead role.
Both were chock full of car chases and fist fights, the JB ones slightly more frantic and often filmed in a way which made it harder to follow exactly what was happening.
I reckon we're due something a bit calmer for June!


  1. You got some brilliant deals from the charity shop and car boot and the lighter weight items will have come in very handy this month with the warm weather we've had. Let's hope you don't need the jumper for a while though.

  2. I love the cover of the lilac tree book. I could just walk up the path and knock on the door! You had some bargain buys this month Lisa. x

  3. Was The Lilac Tree any good, is it something to add to my WWII collection?

  4. I love all the clothes you've bought and what great bargains. X

  5. You always find such lovely things, the green cardi looks gorgeous and snug xx

  6. You did well! I have that blue sparkly jumper too and it is one of my favourites now!

  7. Great charity shop finds, i never seem to be lucky in finding bargains.

    You reminded me that there is a car boot sale on near us at the weekend so i might have a wander up there.

  8. Lisa, what great finds.
    I love the colours in the skirt and that blue top looks brilliant.

    I quite like the Bourne films, and I do like the music (by Moby) that is used to.

    Enjoy the rest of your week.

    All the best Jan