Sunday, 15 April 2018

12 Days.....

...... have passed since my last post.
This two week Easter school holiday has felt more like the six week summer break.
It seems like such a long time ago S was last at school.
Not that she agrees with me of course!

So what have we been up to.

With my family over on Easter Monday we found a way to mark Chocolate Mousse dayWednesday 4th was Vitamin C Day and easy to work celebrate with my daily glass of orange juice at breakfast time and then Thursday 5th was a fail.
I wanted to bake some biscuits for Star Trek first contact day but as we know school hols do have a tendency to cause plans to go awry and so this didn't happen.

Friday 6th was Tartan Day.
 I have been combing the charity shops for months hoping to find for a skirt suitable to wear, but all I could find were this type or worse (for me at least) tiny mini skirts.
In the end I went with changing into my PJs at the earliest opportunity!


Saturday 7th was a very important day in our home.
It was S Day. 
A little day out was planned but S woke with a sore throat and other cold symptoms brewing.
So the sensible thing was to put the original day out plans on hold and instead we stayed much more local and went out for a spot of lunch instead.
No photo of S from that day but here she is a week later feeling much better.

Sunday 8th was the slightly unusual Draw a Picture of a Bird Day.
So we did just that.
From left to right we have S's owl with huge hypnotic eyes, my grumpy looking chick and G's most excellent (non specific breed) bird.

G and I were also busy at the weekend completing another jigsaw.
This time it was Vintage transportation.
In the bottom right hand corner is a double decker bus, it's a shame the flash has blocked it out.

The coronation of Henry V took place on 9th April 1413. 
Many centuries ago Southampton was surrounded by walls to defend the town from would be invaders. We made a trip to Westgate which once led directly to the quay and through here in 1415 some of Henry V's army marched on their way to the battle of Agincourt.

10th April was Sibling's Day It just so happened that T was round to see us that evening and I asked both he and S if I could take a photo of the together, explaining the significance of date.
Both refused for the same reason. Neither were happy about how their hair was looking!
What are they like.
Instead I shall post a photo from when those things weren't an issue!

For years Dan Maskell was the voice of Wimbledon and 11th April was the date he was born.
Before I went off to work G and I did something simple and a little silly for this day.

S came to meet me after I had finished work as we had a couple of return to school purchases to make and in the shopping centre we came across a display of eggs which had been decorated my local primary schools.
This rabbit was my favourite.

The reaction you get from people when you mention Marmite, as in love it or loathe it and not much in between, was repeated whenever I mentioned that Thursday 12th was Liquorice Day.
I happen to love it and so was very happy to partake in celebrating with a sherbet fountain and it's (much smaller than they used to be) liquorice stick dipper.

Friday 13th was Scrabble Day. With G on a late shift and S out at dance there was no-one at home to have a game with so that day passed me by for the time being.

I decided to cheat a little when it came to 14th and 15th April and have one event mark both days and yesterday on a walk into town we detoured past two buildings which played their part in the event.

Admiralty House housed the Post Office headquarters and this building is situated not far from where RMS Titanic set sail from Southampton on 10th April. I've never seen the movie Titainc but I understand this building features in it.

Titanic struck the iceberg on 14th April and sank 2 hours and 40 minutes later in the early hours of 15th April.

Further along the same road is Canute Chambers where the White Star company had their offices.
As the plaque explains it was here that local people came to wait for information regarding their loved ones as many inhabitants of our City were employed working on board this ship.


  1. brilliant post! I am in total agreement, school feels like weeks and weeks ago now. The first week of Easter hols seemed to last forever, but this past week has whizzed by at speed.

    Lovely photos, especially the one of S and the siblings! (laughing about the hair comments!) Isn't it typical when you plan something lovely that they then come down with something? Sounds like you still had a good day though.

  2. What a fabulous post Lisa ...
    It looks like you've had a super twelve days enjoying lots of different things.

    I used to love hearing Dan Maskell's voice while watching Wimbledon ... lovely memories.

    That little Easter Rabbit is just so cute!

    The Easter/Spring break did seem to go by quickly and for many (including our grand-children) it's back to school time!

    Have a great new week.
    My good wishes

    All the best Jan

  3. You always manage to pack so much in. I love the old photo from siblings day and if tartan day means early pjs, I’m all for that xx

  4. Another busy holidays and you managed to pack so much in. Adam being a teenager now spent most of his time either in his bed till noon or on his computer.

  5. Wow, you've been so busy and have packed so much in. Tartan day brings back memories of the little kilts I had when I was a child and those pleated tartan skirts which were attached to an underskirt. I'm sorry to hear that S was under the weather for S Day but I'm glad she's better again now. What a lovely photo of S and T together, those were the days when they actually wanted you to take a photo of them, no matter what their hair looked like. Shame you didn't get your game of Scrabble, Daniel quite enjoys a game but seeing as he isn't around much these days I don't have anyone else that'll give me a game so I sometimes play online.

  6. You've done so much!
    I looked at S's Havana top and wondered if she liked it for similarity to her name? There's a character in my current book who is the shortened version of her name!
    I love Scrabble! Wish I could have a game of it! Haha, shame about the siblings pic but they looked adorable as hugging kids!!

  7. You squeezed quite a lot into the Easter holidays. I can't wait to play scrabble again (we used to play all the time, but aside from one game a few months ago) haven't played for years... I hope to rectify that post house move!