Thursday, 19 April 2018

Ben, Bikes....

....but first up it's Eddie.
Eddie Cochran was a singer I heard plenty of in my childhood as my dad was a fan of his songs.
I bet there are a few of us who can sing along to C'mon Everybody and Summertime Blues.
Very sadly at the young age of 21 Eddie was killed in a car accident whilst on tour here in the UK on 17th April.
His style of guitar playing has been much admired by many musicians and so on Tuesday I borrowed this pin from G and wore it on my denim jacket.

Ben Hecht had a long and varied career using his creative writing talents.
Born in New York in 1894 he also passed away there on 18th April 1964 aged 70.
He wrote the play The Front Page which was adapted somewhat into the very fine romantic comedy His Girl Friday starring Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell which G and watched together.
If you haven't seen this movie be warned you need to make sure you listen well as the dialogue is delivered at 100 miles an hour. 

Now today and Bicycle Day.
Although a bicycle does play a small part in it the origins for this day are related to something else quite different!
Not wanting to partake I decided it would be much more sensible to go along the bike route.
Call me boring if you will, I'd much rather that than the alternative.


  1. I'm with you on bicycle day, I had no idea of it's actual meaning. I love that top, that's right up my street.

  2. I can remember hearing Eddie Cochran songs ... good memories but he was so young when he died.

    I do like your guitar brooch and your top.

    Enjoy the weekend and have a good new week ahead.

    All the best Jan