Sunday, 29 April 2018

No Charge

I feel like I've been away from Blogland for ages.
I've had an issue with my laptop charger, as in it wouldn't charge my laptop.
Thankfully a new one was ordered and it was delivered yesterday.
Hurrah for that.
The amount of times I thought to myself 'oh I'll just look online and see......' and of course I couldn't.
First of all it was annoying and second it was surprising the amount of times I thought it, just goes to show how easy it is to find out what you need to know, it's all just a couple of clicks away. When the internet is accessible that is.
So here's a few days worth of goings on from when I last posted.

Friday 29th April is the birthday of Leslie Phillips. G bought me his autobiography for Christmas a few years back and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Mr. Phillips has such a distinctive voice and he has managed to make the word Hello well and truly his.
The long running Navy Lark is something I discovered through BBC radio 7 and  it was this programme on radio 4 I chose to listen to.

Saturday 21st was Tea Day. Let's face it there are hundreds of ways by which to celebrate this day. Holding a tea party, wearing a tea dress, trying a new variety of tea. I decided to bake a cake because after all tea and cake are a match made in heaven. I chose to make a banana and butterscotch loaf as I have had the recipe in my 'to try' pile for the longest time and it had been Banana Day on the 18th and so this tied in well.
Although it looks ok in the photo, it wasn't up to much and it's not one I shall be making again.

Although Sunday 22nd was Earth Day we had to wait until Wednesday evening for the activity we were going to do to mark the occasion.
We went along to our local nature reserve and took part on a bat walk. We learned about the bats we have living close by and as dusk fell we were able to see the bats flying around over the pond and just above our heads. It was fascinating stuff.
No photos of the evening, just one of the three of us as we set out from home.

On Monday I took myself up to bed a little earlier than normal and settled in with my book as it was World Book Night. This gave me the perfect opportunity to make sure I had enough time to finish off my latest read. 

When I was part of the library reading group we read The L Shaped Room which I did enjoy but I also found it a difficult read in places as it was set in the 1960s and attitudes towards certain members of society weren't at all accepting.
The Backward Shadow is the next part of the story and there is a third and final installment which I shall buy once I had read a few more of the books which are already sat waiting on my book shelves.

Tuesday was a fail. It was the birthday of Barbra Streisand and I had been planning something like this but I haven't found anything in the charity shops which I could use so this day will have to be set to one side for now and I'll try again.

Wednesday was Admin Professionals Day and as that's the work I do I emailed my lovely team of co-workers and asked if they would like to have a buffet for lunch so we could celebrate ourselves. We did and very nice it was too.

There's a little catching up for us to do for Thursday and Friday.
April 26th was Hug an Australian Day and I had a little craft project in mind for the three of us to do. S has youth club on a Thursday which means she's out at 6pm. Since going back to school this term she has been taking part in an extra science lesson on a Thursday which means by the time she came home there just wasn't time this week to do it. However with the youth club premises being used as a polling station next Thursday we'll be able to do a little craftiness then instead.
April 27th was Marine Mammal Rescue Day  S has dance each Friday and so again our time is limited. With this in mind I had planned for us to have a quick game of 'pin the fish on the sealion's nose' but unfortunately I had to work later than normal and so time ran away for us again.
It's set up ready for us to have a game this evening, once S comes back from the dance competition she's been at since 9.30 this morning.

28th April is known as Sardinian people's day. The flag features red and white and so I made sure I was wearing something with these colours and the bow on the side ties in with the blindfold.

To round off the weekend we shall we sitting down to watch The Seven Year Itch.
Today is the birth date of Tom Ewell which gives me the perfect reason for another viewing of this wonderful movie.
Mr Ewell plays the role of Richard Sherman, the neighbour to Marilyn Monroe's character known simply as The Girl.
When G and I went to New York as his 50th birthday gift from me the one and only thing I wanted to do was go and stand on the same spot of Marilyn. 
And I did! It was an absolute thrill to be somewhere when I knew she had once been. 


  1. I have always fancied making a tea loaf and when it was National Tea day had a mind to do it but never did. The bat trip sounds fascinating xxx

  2. You're doing so well keeping up with all these special days, they must take quite a bit of organising and yet you still come up with some great ideas. The cake actually looks delicious, it's a shame it didn't live up to expectations. How lovely that you had a buffet lunch with your co workers for Admin Professionals Day, that was a lovely way to mark it. Glad you're up and running on the laptop again, I know I feel lost if I'm without internet for any length of time, we really do rely on it these days.

  3. I don’t know how you fit it all in, not sure I’d be up for a bat walk though, I’d be better with the marine mammals I think xx

  4. You're doing a brilliant job keeping this up and marking all the various days! I've been away from blogland too (just too busy!) but trying to have a little catch up this evening!

  5. I do admire you for keeping up these special days.
    I had to laugh at Tea Day, as it's always Tea Day for me ... I do enjoy my cuppa :)

    So pleased that you got your new laptop charger ok.

    All the best Jan