Saturday, 13 November 2010

Colours of November

November has been a bit grey recently.

G had to work today and after bumbling around indoors for a while me, T and S took ourselves off to the park for an hour this afternoon and we found a bit of colour.

Lots of red berries on these trees

and different shades of autumn to be seen on these.

A spot of silly leaf behaviour

I was in need of a bit of a quiet day today as yesterday was a long, busy and very enjoyable one.
I went to the Country Living Christmas fair!!!!!!!

It was my first visit there for about 5 years and it was totally fabulous.
No time to take photos of the wares on offer as it was heaving with people and we were just too busy, but I managed this one as I sat with the bags of purchases whilst my friend went off to collect something she had paid for earlier in the day.
I did also manage to snap a couple of photos of the interior of the Christmas cabin. Many, many treasures on display. I'm in love with the robin.


  1. Ive never been to the country living fair - it looks a very dangerous place! S reminds me of a pixie! xxxxxx

  2. Glad you had fun at the Country Living fair! I've kept away this year as I really don't need any more Christmas goodies!!!

    Victoria xx

  3. Pretty pictures, glad to see the children are learning your mask speciality.... Country Living Fair? Lucky you! Will now whinge around the house pouting...


  4. It took me a while to find the robin; this is a regular I Spy game! Adorable, though.

    I am SO EXCITED that you got to attend the CL Fair - it's something I long to do. Someday...

  5. Oh yes, it's robin-mania this year,as I bought myself a felt robin in Selfridges!
    Lovely shots of your children, never silly, just amusing!

  6. I love the leaf beard! And the idea of the CL fair is so fab, but I know I would hate the crowds.

  7. The CL fair would be very dangerous on the purse, and the crowds would probably send me doolally. x

  8. I loved it last year!! I think waddling round this year would have been a bit ambitious!! Looks like you had lots of fun!!!