Saturday, 6 November 2010

i spy

Actually I'm not the spy. That job title goes to T.
In Year 6 they hav been reading Strombreaker.
Possibly the most apt choice for T. He loves anything to do with spys and gadgets. He has enjoyed the book and watching the movie.
Here he is wearing his spy glasses (they have mirrors at the side so you can see behind you) posing for his MI6 ID card. Not sure how many spys smile on their cards, but they won't all have such a cute dimple.
Thank you Sue for that amazing present a few Christmas' back of the spy belt and gadget. It's probably one of his most played with things of all time and he wore it to school yesterday for their Stormbreaker dress down day.

Spending a couple of hours over 2 evenings G and I completed this lovely jigsaw of shopping days gone by. We know how to live it up!

Yesterday when I came home from work I had a parcel waiting for me. This contained a couple of purchases from LissyLou's shop poppyanddaisys

I am totally in love with my little fabric bird and hopefully S will love this little hair clip just as much.


  1. Hiya Looking sharp T!!

    Is it just me who forgets what they came to comment on??

    Jigsaws!! thats it, love em, though I dont do them. My mum had one which had double sided cats on it, I did it!
    I'll see if she still has it!

    Probably ok for wednesday, can I text you in the morning?


  2. The Alex Rider books are great, aren't they? I've just bought this book for Will's stocking for Xmas, as he loves the Stormbreaker series, too. Well worth a look, and a great price, too xx

  3. Sorry, Lisa, not sure that link worked, try this

  4. That looks like Arkwright stood behind that counter! x

  5. Dress up days in school are great fun ... especially when the adults join in too. He's looking super cool in those shades!
    Love Kathy xxx

  6. That red and white floor in your puzzle must have been a challenge..all the pieces look the same! Love the dimple! :o)

  7. That is surely the most cheeky smile for a spy!
    Have a good Sunday!

  8. My kids always loved being spys. They invented their own "Spy Game" for when we went for a walk. AS hubby and I walked along, they had to be hidden from us, but they always had to be able to see us (we added that rule so they didnt get lost!) and they had to stay together too. It was great as hubby and I could have a conversation with no moaning going on!!!I bet he would make a great spy. xxxx