Thursday, 25 November 2010


It might not look much, but to me it's priceless.
I made this when I was at playschool which makes it about 38 years old!
My mum's been having a bit of a clear out and wondered if I would like to have it in my home. I leapt at the chance because I do love it so.


  1. Aren't Mumss great :) Think my Mum has items that all 7 of us have made over the years. I know I've a collection of things the boys have made for me too.

  2. My mum still brings out decorations for the tree that we made forty years ago ... bits of egg boxes and oxo boxes wrapped in foil. I used to think they looked awful, but now I think it's really sweet! I've got a box of things my children made too.
    Love Kathy xxx

  3. I think you were quite talented! Perhaps this hobby needs to be revisited...?

  4. More of an Antique !!!! I think Bernard Leach would have had competition if you had kept it up. xxxxx

  5. My Mum still uses the felt pin cushion I made for her at primary school.
    You were obviously a very creative child.Love the little pot. :0)