Monday, 8 November 2010

mind the gap

S was thrilled this weekend to lose her first tooth and get a visit from the tooth fairy.
I think the fairy will be back quite soon as one of the other front teeth is very wobbly too.

G and I spent a very lovely few hours wandering around Salisbury town centre on Saturday. Lunch out and few Christmas presents later we wandered back to his mum's by taking the route next to the river.
Gorgeous autumnal colours greeted us as we went.

Sunday wasn't quite the day we planned.
The CBBC wildlife show Live and Dangerous was being filmed in town and as it's one of T's and G's favourites we thought we'd go and see what was going on. Unfortunately not a lot was the answer. We've been to a few events in the park organised in partnership with BBC and they've been really well done. This was event took up a tiny corner of the park and was woefully inadequate for the amount of people who turned up. Apparently people were queuing in the park at 9.15am and the event wasn't due to start until 10. Chatting to a lady in the queue for free activity packs she said she had spoken to some of the organisers who admitted that they were completely underprepared for how popular these events were going to be. They have had others and they have more to come. If you are going to one in the future get there early!


  1. I remember twisting my teeth when I was a kid, gruesome, good job we dont lose them in adulthood!
    Although some do I suppose!


    just going to send you an email..

  2. Hi Lisa, Aww look at S's lovely teeth. Im not sure if you should try it for the other loose ones but I remember using a drumstick lolly to pull one of mine when I was little. Maybe not the best way LOL! X

    P.S Im glad you think the CK teatowel will look good as a hanging decorarion as at £10 Im too stingy to use it.

  3. Ah, so cute! It's a milestone moment isn't it!
    My daughter swallowed her first lost tooth and the second went down the sink when she was cleaning her teeth. She was so upset!!!
    Love Kathy xxx

  4. A toffee apple should sort out the remaining loose one!! xxxxxxx

  5. Ouch! My mum had very bad manners when my teeth were ready to fall..but at the same time my tooth fairy was very generous :)

  6. Hey! Just look at that tooth gap ! How exciting to have a visit from the Tooth Fairy :-)
    Salisbury - ooh, I've not been there for ever so long, I bet you had a good wander through the shops - lovely.
    Have a good week ahead - oh boy, it's getting nippy isn't it?
    D x