Sunday, 28 November 2010


Yesterday was on eof those lovely little family days I would like to package up and keep.
Which is why blogging is so great because it means I can record it all.
G and T stayed home in the morning whilst S and I went to a little Christmas fayre. She made a Father Christmas tree decoration, we bought a Father Christmas figure to stand by our front door and S got to have a little chat with Father Christmas too! He was such a lovely Santa and S was very keen to tell him that she also had a brother called T and he was 10 as she didn't want him forgotten!

Then in the afteroon we all went to another local church to visit their annual Christmas tree festival.
Local groups each choose a Christmas carol and decorate the theme along that theme.
These were a few of our favourite decorations.

The church was also decked out with lots of winter greenery, such a welcoming atmosphere inside and we lit 3 candles, shed a tear or two and left full of a variety of emotions.

Our destination was just along the road to Telegraph Woods. We've never been to these before and will definitely return. As well as the remains of an Iron Age fort, which we didn't discover this time, just past the entrance to the Woods is the remains of an Armada beacon in the form of a perfectly circular bank.

As we walked in S took in the open space and shouted 'I love it here, cpme on T let's run!' Those words gave my heart have a little leap of happiness. S approaches things with such vigour and excitement, it makes me so very happy that we made our family the way we did. Such a different life for them and for us too.

The floor was a carpet of leaves, perfect for running and scrunching through.

'Strike a pose' I said and that's what I got!

No idea if this little pine cone had been placed inside this tree truk or whether it has fallen there, but it caught my eye just the same.

Very obligingly this tree trunk has grown in such a way to frame this view so nicely. Our walk was nearly complete when we reached this gate, which was just as well as by then we were all thinking about cakes and hot chocolate back home.
We emerged from the woods at Hampshire Cricket Club and vowed we would be there at least once next season and hoped the weather would be much warmer!


  1. Aww, bless S! Aren't they cute in that "striek a pose" shot?!
    Have a good Sunday!

  2. I know exactly what you mean about being able to capture your memories by blogging. I LOVE reading back through my old posts from a year or two years ago to see what I was doing then. I wonder if our grandchildren will one day read our blogs? ? x

  3. What a great day Lisa - one of the very best. I was wondering if it was possible to print my blog so I could keep it like a scrap book - I'll have to try. You certainly have a lovely lovely family. xxxxx

  4. Lovely the christmas decorations - I think we've an event similar to that near here soon - must find out the details.

    I also read back over my old blog posts - sometimes to check I'm not repeating myself too much and other times just to see what we were doing a year ago.

  5. It's lovely the way you are bringing up your children to appreciate nature and creating wonderful memories for them.
    The tree festival looked lovely..such great decorations! :0)

  6. Hi Lisa
    Oh what a great day you all had! The perfect mix of festive delights to see and a walk through the woods :-) And I love what you said about your family being made the way it was - it makes me smile a special inside smile :-)
    Thank you for your lovely comment. We're looking at profiles from a wide area - our county is too small to consider an in-county adoption. I am so excited I could burst !
    This truly is a magical way to create families :-)
    D x

  7. What a wonderful day! Thank you for inviting us along - I love that little sheep, and the reindeer is a great CD-repurposing idea. And I'm still smiling at little Miss S...

  8. i love all the tree decs - i love a bit of homemade!! xx

  9. I loved reading your post today ... it's days like this that will linger forever in your memeories .. not just the big birthdays and Christmasses but the ordinary days when a family are just being happy together!
    Love Kathy xxx