Sunday, 29 May 2011

Blog Break

I have had a week away from Blogland becuase it's just been too darn difficult to get near the computer for any length of time.
We've had plastering work done.
The hall, stairs and landing and the dining room.
Furniture has been shifted around and it's been a bit cramped in some rooms and also very, very dusty.
But that's stage one complete and we've gone from having yellow walls

to drying plaster walls.
The next stage is patch painting with tester pots. I would really like something as neutral as possible and we are looking at the 'endurance' type ranges as it needs to be able to cope with all our comings and goings in the hall as G has asked we have the same colour leading through from there into the dining room.

With it being half term next week I don't think we're going to get an awful lot done decorating wise so this is going to be a project that's going to take a while. Pretty standard for our house really!

This morning we headed out to the car boot. Not much around for us today. I bought a couple of cookbooks and these 2 items for S. The necklace is for me although it does match S's new top very well.

On the way back we stopped at one of the country parks and spent another hour outside before coming home for lunch and a viewing of Doctor Who Confidential.

I have to admit to becoming slightly obsessed with it this series. I want answers to all the cliffhangers they keep leaving us with.


  1. I hope your back is ok with all that hard work!

  2. Nice to see you're back :)

  3. Do you prefer Bursledon or Allington Lane? I think I'm going to try to get to Allington tomorrow but there's a couple of others on too with it being a Bank Holiday...might see you around!?

    K xx

  4. Looks like you've managed to keep having fun despite the work being done at home,

    Victoria xx

  5. I hate decorating, nothing in it's place and endless dust. Still, it's worth it in the end. S is going to be the best dressed little girl with all these gorgeous clothes you're finding for her.

  6. Lovely car boot bargains, Lisa - great little outfit

  7. I've put off decorating,although the house badly needs it,because I hate all the upheaval it creates.I'd like to twitch my nose(remember Samantha in Bewitched?)and it would all be done,and everything neatly back in it's place.
    Looking forward to seeing when it's all done! :0)

  8. Too many cliffhangers! And did you get your answers? I think not!
    I love the top & necklace... will you ever get the necklace back or will it be on semi-permanent loan?

  9. yay see its all over, plastering done, now the fun begins..painting.

    We havent painted our hallway yet, I'm thinking neutral too, maybe more grey though.

    Have a great week all!