Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Thrifty Kitchen

I like to think I am fairly good at being good with money.
I've always had budgets, made lists and shopped with an ever eagle eye for a bargain.

When I left home and started being responsible for bigger bills and bigger budgets one thing I really tried hard with keeping to a minimum was the grocery bill. I remember mornings at work when we used to get out our till receipts and read what each other had bought and see what we'd all spent. Sounds a bit strange but it could actually be very entertaining, honest!

Apart from the usual Home Economics classes at school I never really did much cooking until leaving home, probably because I am so incredibly fussy with food. When I did need to learn I bought the book on the right, Grub on a Grant, as it seemed to offer simplicity and meet my thrifty ways. A few of the recipes do consist of opening various tinned foods and mixing them together, but there are more adventurous dishes included and it really helped me get my confidence going in the kitchen. It's the one cookery book that has stayed with me for nearly 20 years.

The other book I have used a lot is the Eat Well for £1.00 which came to me through bookcrossing. I have never come across this book in charity shops and am very glad to have a copy, especially as it includes the much loved family favourite Chocolate Puddle Pudding.

Most nights I cook from scratch and most nights I still don't eat what I've produced so I still don't know really know what my cooking tastes like but S did tell me the other day that one of the 3 reasons she loves me is because I am a good cooker. Praise indeed.


  1. I try to cook from scratch most nights too, but it was much easier when I wasn't at work! I'm hopeless budgeting though, and spend far too much on food!

    I'm intrigued ... what do you eat if you don't eat your own cooking?

  2. I cook from scratch most nights. Mainly, the family likes what I cook. Daughter & hubby make their spag bols far far drier than mine & we have a light hearted debate over it. We spend way too much on the grocery bill but are good at recycling etc. I often cook for the family & cut out the carbs myself & would love to know what you do.

  3. I'm intrigued too! Do you have a different meal to everyone else? I do - I'm a very fussy eater!

  4. I go through phases of cooking from scratch and the complete opposite!

    You'll have to share some of your creations,

    Victoria xx

  5. High praise, to be sure! And now I am intrigued about the chocolate puddle pudding...

  6. I like to cook from scratch too. I find it strange that you dont eat what you cook though - usually if you cook it you are more likely to eat it. The fact that you cook for everyone else and not yourself though, makes you more special for doing so. I cured hubby of his fussy eating when we first met - whilst he was still head over heels in love with me and would do anything for me!! xxxxxxxx

  7. A 'good cooker'! I like that saying very much! x

  8. What a lovely thing for S to say. Mick used to be the most fussy eater. Over the years I've got him eating most things, but it's only since I've had my allotment that he's started eating vegetables. Now he'll eat any veg I put in front of him, especially if I've grown it myself. Daniel takes after him, very fussy, but he's getting better as he gets older, whereas Eleanor takes after me, eats anything put in front of her.

  9. Gosh you poor thing I hope you are eating something! lol

    I am a bit fussy but know what I like and dislike. So that makes life easier. I do cook from scratch most nights but I admit there are some night when I just find it all a chore. I like to cook but find having two fussy girls (can't imagine where they get that from ;0) ) Takes the joy out of it all. But i still try hard to encourage different flavours.

    As for budgets. I am a make a tenner last for most of a week girl but spend a £100 by the next day sort! (not that happens really!)

    MBB x

  10. I always try to make cooking from scratch a priority no matter how busy I am. I like to stick to a budget too when I can. Those two books look really interesting. Hope you will share the pudding recipe :)