Saturday, 21 May 2011

What a week!

All week we were waiting for the result of T's senior school appeal and on Friday we finally received a letter with those magical words 'appeal be allowed'.
What a huge relief! Cue cheering and jigging on the spot!
G had attended the hearing on 13th and was told we should have a letter through the post on Tues or Wed. Nothing arrived and so I rang them to be told the letters weren't actually going out until Thursday.
So it was Friday before the verdict was delivered by post. We were on tenterhooks all week!

My back has been giving me a lot of discomfort and a little pain this past week.Sitting down has been the worst position and not helpful for blogging or blog reading. Thankfully I've been and had a couple of sessions with a chiropractor and Oh the difference going to see her has made, although my back felt so sore yesterday. I've been given some simple exercises to do at home and told I need to strengthen my core muscles.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at the fabulous flowers on this post. They are all from a beautiful posy of flowers gathered from the garden of another blogger whom many of you are probably very familiar with. Lou from had very kindly invited me to her home where I had a tour of her incredible garden.

A freshly baked lemon cake was enjoyed as we spent a (very quick) couple of hours chatting about all sorts. All too soon it was time to leave and as well as the flowers Lou gave me some very pretty crochet bunting made by her own fair hand. Is there a craft this clever woman is incapable of?! I shall show it off once I've got it hanging up.

Thank you Lou for a lovely afternoon and for my lovely gifts.

**edited to change link to Lou's blog,it won't let me do a linky thing**


  1. I do hope your back improves soon Lisa! Please pass my congratulations to T!
    Take care xxx

  2. Hey does the appeal mean he got his chosen school?
    Or just that that you can appeal?
    Sorry Ive got a head full of cold, and I'm a bit slow!

    You know you have another blogger friend with a be..utiful garden, that you are always welcome to visit!

    Though maybe not this week as I'm full of snot!!

  3. mashed potato will be served!

  4. The link isnt working to Lou's blog - who is she? (I sound a bit like Nicki Graham!!!). Well done T - Phew! Hope your back gets better soon.

  5. I think the school application system is awful! I hope you get a positive outcome!

    Hope your back feels better soon xxxx

  6. Year Six is such a stressful time ... I'm delighted it's all working out for you. Congratulations! You've just got to buy the uniform now, and the shoes, and the bag, and the kit, and pens and pencils .... and the locker key etc, etc, etc. I hope you've saved up some pennies!!!!

  7. So glad to hear the appeal was successful, Lisa - well done! Must be a relief. Hope your back continues to improve x

  8. Sorry to hear about your back Lisa, fingers crossed it is getting better,

    Victoria xx

  9. Aww Lisa, sorry to read about your back, hope it eases very soon...

    Best of luck with T's appeal

    Love Poppy-Lou's blog, so glad you had a fab time, what a lovely thing to do!


  10. Sorry to hear that you've got back trouble, hope that it eases up soon. Congratulations to T, I'm sure it's been a stressful time for you all waiting for the letter to arrive. How nice to meet up with a fellow blogger, sounds like you had a lovely time.

  11. That is great news & a huge relief for you. Sorry about your back but lovely roses to cheer you up !

  12. I hope you had a fun weekend after the good news! Thanks again for my lovely presents and the flowers.

    Lou xxx

  13. So glad you got the good news you were hoping for re: Ts school!!!It must have been so stressful for you and your son, so Hooray its all sorted!!
    The roses are beautiful - sounds like you had a lovely afternoon tea with Lou.
    Hope your back improves quickly.
    Thanks for your comments!
    Gill xx

  14. Good about the school, bad about your back. Hope you feel better soon. Btw, I'm bookmarking the recipe for Chocolate Puddle Pudding. It's my kind of pudding, that's for sure!

  15. Why is it along with good news comes bad, like your back? Glad you had a lovely day with Lou. Hope your back improves soon. x