Monday, 16 May 2011

Weekend Wanderings

We haven't ventured far in the last couple of weekends as there have been things needing to be done at home and these past few weeks G has been in a lot of pain and discomfort with his back. For this reason we've not wanted to be too far from home so he's able to rest when he needs it.
Not sure the snail on the face method of pain relieft is a recognised practise but G thought it would be interesting to see what it felt like. Verdict: not entirely unpleasant. I'll just take his word for it!

After a cuppa and a plan of action chat in the garden we decided on a trip to HomeBase for some paint samples and a curtain track.
We bought the paint samples but no curtain track.
However we did buy a picnic bench for the back garden.
What colour should it be painted?

We choose HomeBase as it's near a playground and little walk we've done many times which kept us outside long enough for the children to run around and use up some of that seemingly endless energy

on the compulsory 'sword' fight with branches that look more suitable for jousting.

On Sunday G suggested we went to Netley Common as although it is a 10 minute drive away we hadn't been there before.

Near the entrance is this little mound

and without this information board near it we wouldn't have looked twice it. But on reading we discovered it's actually 3,500 years old.

Also the board stated that somewhere behind us was a Roman road which when excavated had wheel ruts running along the side of it. Signs of life here so long ago which G and I found so fascinating.

Whilst my 3 were busy searching out suitable sticks for fighting I kept busy with the camera.

Just before the end of our walk we rounded a corner and were greeted by this cottage. What a perfect looking place to live.


  1. looks lovely there. It's when the kids do sword fights round Homebase that it gets a bit stressed ! We did Currys & B&Q.

  2. Yuck at the snail - I'll just take his word that its not to unplesant.

    Laughing at the swords - sort of thing my lot do too - anything to keep them amused whilst they are walking.

    Our picnic bench was blue but last time got painted a rather deep mahogany brown which actually I prefer now.

  3. Snail slime is supposed to give you soft skin! I love finding out the history of where I live - I would love a time machine to take me back to any given time. Crown do a lovely vintage green that I love called Vicarage Green. Looks lovely in the garden. xxxx

  4. Oooh can't wait to see the picnic bench in it's painted glory!

    Victoria xx

  5. Ooo yuck to the snail I am afraid. Brave of your DH to give it a try though.

    We went to homebase at the weekend too, had to get some sheet plastic to repair out shed windows! And a nursery local to my mum's yesterday too! As well as our usual walk in a nearby park complete with scooters and a stroppy Miss Boo who was tired after not much sleep the night before! lol.

    Love the picnic table look forward to seeing what colour you choose!

    MBB x

  6. Love the face, not sure about the hitch-hiker though! LLX

  7. Thanks for the lovely comment and tips on my blog :) always welcomed!! Love the flower photos here, there are just so many beauties out at the moment I hope the turn of weather doesn't spoil them! Loving the snail approach hmm men never truly let go of the inner boy do they hehe, and I know what you mean about kids endless energy it seems to be the case for our son too, even after a 3 mile walk he wants to run about and play while we are too pooped to get up off the chair!

  8. That should have been me previously, hubby seems to have hijacked the blogger log in, grrr note to self- must pay more attention to who is logged in!

  9. I agree, that cottage looks perfect. Now why would G want a snail to crawl up his face, euuggghhhh. I look forward to seeing the picnic bench in all it's painted glory. I must give our outside table and chairs a paint or a stain this year, it's looking very shabby (but not chic!).

  10. It's amazing what is on our doorstep isn't it. And as for the snail - we used to have pet ones! x

  11. You know, it's not every day that one sees a snail on someone's face. Not even every other day...

    Please tell G that I hope his back troubles get resolved quickly. Perhaps he needs to find an excellent massage therapist?

    And yes, I NEED that cottage.

  12. Braveheart!!! Doesn't your hubby look a bit alike Mel Gibson?! :)
    You're such a teaser Lisa!!! When are you going to show us your lovely garden???

  13. Lol, love the picture of G! I hope his back get's better soon. When am I going to see more of this garden???

    Lou xxx

  14. Hi Lisa,
    I hope G's back is better now.Have you painted your picnic bench yet I wonder? it's good weather for it anyway.Have a lovely weekend! :0)