Tuesday, 31 May 2011

May Scavenger Hunt

We've not been out and about so much this month because of the work being done inside and outside the house plus bad backs for both me and G so photo opportunites have been a bit limited and I actually only finished the last couple of items this morning!

So here we go...
A butterfly- taken on a family walk back at the beginning of the month.

A bicycle- snapped in HomeBase whilst looking for paint tester pots.

An emergency vehicle- a fire engine from the children's carousel in town.

A red door- Salisbury train station.

Texture- tree trunk on a different family walk this month.

Something blue- a rubbish bin in a children's playground.

A black and white portrait- this piece of graffiti has been added to the wall just outside the church where I go and see my dad each week. I think it's Andy Warhol?

Sign of the zodiac- Leo the Lion!

A cartoon character- T modelling his Family Guy t-shirt.

A street light- snapped from inside the train when we stopped at Dean train station yesterday. It's actually in someone's garden, but it's the closest thing I could find.

An interesting local building- just down the road and round the corner this old Public Bath buliding is looking a lot less attractive than it must have once looked what with all the metal grills over it and the big advice centre notice. But at least it's being used.

Think vintage- a favourite brooch.

Looking forward to seeing what everyone else have come up with this month too.


  1. Well done on finding a real butterfly - ours have been just too quick for me!!

    Such a cute lion too ;)

  2. a nice set of photos! I took most of mine this weekend too, it's getting hard to fit in this scavenger hunting but I do enjoy it!

  3. I like the emergency vehicle - very clever! I hope your backs get better soon. x

  4. You're one of the few people so far to find a real butterfly ... well done!!! I'm a Leo, so I love your lion!
    Hope the backs are on the mend. We've both had bad backs in the past ... there's really nothing worse!

  5. That is one fab rubbish bin!

    Victoria xx

  6. I'm with Victoria - loving that blue rubbish bin!!

  7. Great photos, you've been very inventive. I love that cute Leo the lion, and the bicycle planter, I'd like one of those myself.

  8. Dinky hunt! Well done. I love the emergency vehicle... tee hee!

  9. I love the fire engine and the black and white portrait! Everyone is so imaginative with their subjects! Thanks for your comment on my post - I've had my phone fixed and it wasn't too expensive so I'm happy - and ready and raring to go for the next scavenger hunt!

  10. I love your emergency vehicle and the blue bin!

  11. Great photos! My favorites are the blue hippo and Leo the lion!

  12. Great photos, Lisa! You were lucky to photograph a real butterfly! I saw loads in April but hardly any in May. Like the graffiti portrait and the rubbish bin. Hope both backs feel better soon:)

  13. You are always so wonderfully creative with these - I enjoy them so much!

  14. I like your emergency vehicle. My 'something blue' came from a children's roundabout :)

  15. What a great little bike. Wonderful photos.

    I was a bit late with my May list, I will do better for June.