Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Dream Come True

Last year when we bought our little green sofa for the dining room, from a second hand furniture shop, we also bought a small pine dresser. I have lusted after a dresser for many years. It seemed too good to be true when we found this slimline one as it has the perfect dimensions for slotting nicely into one of the alcoves. It has been awaiting it's transformation for nearly a year now and although I still have the feet to complete, its so near completion, but I just I can't not blog about it, I'm so completely thrilled with the end result.

I thought I had a photo of it pre-op as it were but can only find this side shot. It was quite a shiny pine and it had glass doors.

This is how it looks now!!!!
It's blue and the doors have gone to be replaced with open shelving, courtesy of my very clever and wonderful husband who very patiently made my dresser dream come true.

I had so much fun unpacking my china and tins, placing them here and there and try to decide where each piece should live.

Here are the top 3 shelves

and then the bottom one.

This is a closer look at the top two.
My Haddon Hall coffee pot, Poole pottery jug and cherished Emma Bridgewater

and here's the next two shelves again.

My dad gave me the pink flower bread and butter plate with matching tea plates so they are extra special.

I think I'm going to need to put a few cup hooks up along the edges of the shelves so I can hang up the cups and jugs, I'm running out of room already!


  1. It looks great and I think adding hooks is a very good idea!

  2. One word comes to mind...........


    Just love the colour you have chose and all the lovely china really pops out! A real transformation.

    No wonder you are so pleased! I would be too!

    MBB x

  3. It's gorgeous, no wonder you're thrilled to bits with it. I love all your pretties too, and now you have the perfect place to display them.

  4. Serious pine dresser envy going on here... not just at the gorgeous colour and dressings on it but at the fact that your Dear Hubby likes it too! Mine just calls it wrong for the room. I keep wondering about colouring it, but I'm a coward! Enjoy the view.... I would just sit and look at it for ages!

  5. Dresser envy!

    Love all your bits and bobs.
    Isn't it the best thing making something come to life.

    You need another one now!

  6. WOW! Lisa!....I LOVE your dresser makeover.The colour is perfect and shows off all your lovely collection of china beautifully.That is the best part,isn't it,arranging everything on the shelves.I'm always changing things round in mine and then hubby complains because he can't find anything! :0)

  7. It looks perfect. Dressers are meant to be full. The more they have on the better they look.
    Love from Mum

  8. Wow it is gorgeous and there is so much room on the shelves for all your bits and bobs - which are lovely - especially the pink flower plates! x

  9. That's gorgeus Lisa, well done G!
    How lovely your mix and match of CK, Emma Bridgewater,CS finds and special gifts!

  10. OH MY!! That is GORGEOUS!!! I love the ornaments and china in the last picture especially :-)

  11. lovely lovely lovely ! I'm so pleased for you.

    Shall we make a date to meet ?
    my email
    I fancy crabbing & ice creams xx

  12. I am absolutely dumbfounded. With your collections arranged so artistically, that dresser looks like something right out of the pages of Country Living!! I was sure you were sharing a favorite magazine page!

    Perhaps a new career as a photo stylist...

  13. Wow , wow and thrice wow!!!!!!! Go with cup hooks so that you can add more!!!! Its utterly wonderful!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. It's lovely, what a gorgeous colour!

  15. Love your dresser, it looks beautiful, and you've dressed it so well, you've got a really good eye! Love your pretty bits and pieces especially the toadstool, what is it?

  16. Lucky you! I want one of those but have nowhere to put it!!!x

  17. I really like this dresser makeover - it looks really good!

    You have a great china collection :) I love the little jug with the rose on - so pretty.

  18. Everything about it is gorgeous Lisa!

    Lou xxx

  19. Oh wow Lisa it looks fantastic!!
    I love the blue, its so fresh and bright, and all your pretty china and tins look wonderful on it!
    You have done a gret job!
    I am so so envious, I have been patiently trying to get an old dresser off ebay or from a charity shops for months, but they go for such high prices.
    Gill xx

  20. Hi Lisa
    Oh it looks so beautiful and colourful and just wonderful !
    I bet you're sitting admiring the dresser and contents as often as possible - I know I would !
    happy days to you,